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Bette Midler Slams ‘Grifter’ Donald Trump on Election Day: ‘Made-up Drivel’

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Bette Midler, the Broadway and film star, attacked President Trump via Twitter today. She reposted a video of Trump speaking on Fox and Friends with the caption: “who wants to listen to made-up drivel from this grifter?” The tweet continues, “His only field of expertise is smearing and degrading his betters.”

The “you’re fired” hashtag is a reference to President Trump’s time as host of the reality TV show, “The Apprentice.” Midler, the Hocus Pocus star, slams the President for his “made-up drivel,” echoing others who have criticized the President for his sometimes inaccurate claims.

Midler Political Activism

Bette Midler has been politically active on Twitter and social media in recent years, especially ahead of the election. In an interview with Variety in 2019, she said: “I participate in it because it can be fun. I’m like a broadcaster. I like to broadcast, but I don’t really like the feedback. I’m quite sensitive.” She has also been outspoken against President Trump. In the same interview, she spoke about the effect of Trump’s treatment of women.

“I think actually it’s Donald Trump that [raised rage among women] because the way he spoke about women confirmed what women believed men said about them behind their backs all along.”

Since the 1970’s when she began her career, Midler has been a self-proclaimed feminist. In 1985, she launched her own company, All Girl Prods, to direct her own projects and inspire female producers to do the same. Since then, she has fought for gender equality in Hollywood and in the American film industry.

President Trump on Fox and Friends

During President Trump’s phone visit with Fox and Friends, he exhibited exhaustion from the rigorous campaign trail. In the conversation, he again attacked Vice Presidential candidate Kamala Harris when he called her “not a particularly good person.” He went on to accuse former Vice President Biden of conceding to “the radical left,” as he has in most of his rallies.

In the past week, he held several rallies in swing states, including Florida, Georgia, Michigan, and Pennsylvania. Leading up to the election, President Trump has crossed the country to persuade his following to vote. Following the polls closing, the election results will be tallied in the coming days.

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