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Big & Rich’s John Rich Encourages Nation-Wide Prayer for Our Country’s Future

(Photo by Jason Kempin/Getty Images)

John Rich is seemingly trying to bring everyone together with prayer. The outspoken Trump supporter’s taking off the gloves in this message when he’s asking his followers to join together in prayer.

Big Kenny of Big & Rich’s known as the “Minister of Love,” but it looks like John Rich is taking a note out of his playbook. In this tweet, he urges his followers to stop what they’re doing for a faith-filled moment.

“Join me in prayer for our nation’s future in 11 mins. 4pmCST. #NATIONWIDEPRAYER

It’s unclear how many people actually joined in Rich’s prayer session at exactly 4pm central time.

Prayers Pepper the Comments

However, there are several comments suggesting that prayers were offered. Some of the tweets are around the mid-afternoon, call-to-action time, and others came in hours after.

“Please Lord we pray for truth for our America. Give Trump four more years to unite us and rid us from the evil that wants to destroy our free country. Amen”

Rich actually responds to a response garnered by this tweet. He writes, “God’s will be done. Whatever that is.”

In addition, in response to Rich’s request for prayer, this Twitter follower replies with a prayer of her own.

Some Prayers Have Been Answered

Moreover, there are some comments that say their prayers have already been answered. This Twitter user even includes a screengrab of the Presidential results according to the Associated Press, too.

By the same token, Bobbi Allen writes, “It’s already been answered Trump is out!”

Then there’s those that seemed to have missed the unified praying time altogether.

“Christ on a stick, I missed it!!”

John Rich Patriotism

It’s safe to say that John Rich is a patriot, especially since he’s said it himself many times. The singer that started his career with the group “Lonestar” typically focuses on his patriotism. Also, his bar named Redneck Riviera is decorated in red, white, and blue insignia.

Rich usually speaks what’s on his mind, especially when it comes to faith, family, and country. Another thing he does, Rich spearheads various military fundraising efforts.

Furthermore, when he’s not talking about America or the military, he’s showing off his whiskey, Redneck Riviera Whiskey. Another key point, Rich is saying it’s the “2020 survival kit.”