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Big & Rich’s John Rich Questions if ‘There’s Nothing to Hide’ in 2020 Election Results

Gilbert Carrasquillo/Getty Images

John Rich is one half of the country music duo Big & Rich. And he is raising questions about the election results on Twitter.

On Monday, Rich supported extra scrutiny of the results. The Justice Department recently authorized investigations into voting irregularities.

Rich Wonders ‘If There’s Nothing to Hide’

“If there’s nothing to hide, investigations into fraud are a pointless exercise and the original results will stand,” he tweeted. “#MakingPopcorn who wants some?”

In a memo, Attorney General William Barr has just allowed federal prosecutors to conduct investigations. He said they are warranted if there are clear and credible claims of problems, the Associated Press reported. The problems would have to affect the outcome of a federal election.

Meanwhile, state officials can work to resolve election disputes until Dec. 8, the AP reported. Subsequently, the Electoral College meets on Dec. 14.

The AP declared Joe Biden the winner of the election on Saturday. Also, media outlets have projected Biden will win the Electoral College with 290 votes to President Trump’s 214.

Some Republicans Share Rich’s Doubts

The election has worsened the partisan divide. Many Republicans back Trump’s claims of vote fraud. The president has also repeatedly tweeted that he won the election. He further claims Democrats are trying to steal a victory.

Four Republican senators and former President George W. Bush have congratulated Biden. Also, on Monday, 31 former Republican Congressmen signed a letter calling on Trump to concede, USA Today reported. 

But Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell supports the president’s position. In a floor speech on Monday, he said the president is “100% within his rights” to challenge the results, according to Bloomberg. And other prominent Republicans, like Republican National Committee Chair Ronna McDaniel and Sen. Lindsey Graham (R-SC), have joined McConnell.

Then, on Tuesday, political science researchers released a new study of Trump’s tweets on the election. It found the tweets have further undermined his supporters’ confidence in a peaceful transfer of power. However, they have not increased support for political violence.

Rich has gotten involved in larger causes before. Earlier this year, he debuted the song “Earth to God” at the D.C. Prayer March.

Evangelist Franklin Graham led the march, Fox News reported. It was nonpartisan. Organizers also asked the mostly Christian worshippers to refrain from bringing political signs.