‘Big Sky’: How That Big Death Could Impact the Show Going Forward

When writers sit down to figure out what’s going to go down on the ABC show “Big Sky,” I’m pretty convinced they’re actually just deciding who is going to die next and how it’s going to epically happen.

The drama series is no stranger to killing popular characters. They made that known within an hour of screen time. During season one, episode one, Ryan Phillippe’s character, Cody Hoyt, was shot straight in the head by now-also-dead Rick Legarski.

The show just returned from an extra-long hiatus and apparently wanted to come back with a bang. It’s also a friendly reminder of what you’re signing up for when you watch the series.

Before the hiatus, Ronald manages to escape Wolf’s compound to go get Scarlet’s daughter. While he is away he decides to drop by the private investigation building to hopefully pay Cassie a visit. He ends up coming face-to-face with her father instead. Although he tells him he doesn’t want to hurt him the two begin fighting and Cassie’s dad ends up dead.

Fast-forward to season 2, episode 9 in which everyone at the Wolf ranch is coping with Ronald’s murderous ways. Wolf tells Ronald he has two choices — a gruesome death or a more merciful death if he tells him all the people he has murdered. Meanwhile, Agatha decides at the same time that Scarlet is just as evil as her boyfriend.

Agatha tries to kill Scarlet but ends up dead herself. Scarlet then helps Ronald escape, but not before he gives Wolf a good smack over the head with a blunt object. We are left with two maybe facts from the situation — Agatha is dead and Wolf could be dead or could be severely injured.

Fuel to the ‘Big Sky’ Fire

Regardless this entire death-filled situation from the end of the episode is about to impact the rest of the show. During season 2 so far, Ronald has been forced to exist in his own separate storyline. Now, Scarlet and Ronald are free and will likely finally get mixed back into Cassie and Jenny’s storyline.

Going into this next episode, “Happy Thoughts,” it seems as though Cassie and Jenny will get a lead that takes them to the ranch. They should get a pretty good sense of the chaotic situation that went down here. After that, it seems like we’re back to OG “Big Sky.” That is, we get to watch as the heroes go on a wild goose chase to get Ronald as he escapes time and time again.

Watching Ronald escape over and over has really just started to be very predictable. Maybe this is finally an opportunity for some kind of resolution or change in pace for the Ronald storyline.