Billy Strings Debuts ‘In the Morning Light’ the Second Single from His Upcoming Album

Billy Strings dropped his new single “In the Morning Light,” along with a brand new video. This is the second single from the upcoming album Renewal, due later this month.

Strings released the first single, “Fire Line,” back in July. Listening to the tracks back-to-back gives us an idea of the range that Billy Strings and his band capture on the new record. While the first single is a dark and brooding affair, the latest single shows Strings’ softer side.

Billy Strings fans have come to expect lightning-fast bluegrass licks on his songs. However, you won’t find any on this tune. Instead, Strings opted for a stripped-down arrangement. Fans won’t be disappointed, though. He really flexes his lyrical muscles on this track.

According to Phantasy Tour, Billy Strings played the song for the first time during The Deja Vu Experiment at the Capitol Theatre. Before playing it, he told the crowd that it was a song he wrote for his girlfriend Ally. He debuted the song on her birthday. Now, that’s one hell of a gift.

Billy Strings co-penned “in the Morning Light,” with Greensky Bluegrass’ mandolin player and vocalist Paul Hoffman.

Billy Tugs The Heart Strings

Lyrically, “In the Morning Light,” is all about doubting yourself in a relationship. If you’ve ever been so head over heels in love with someone that you’re not sure you deserve them, this song is going to hit home for you.

Billy Strings ties the message of the song up in a nice bow with the final chorus. This refrain features two extra lines. However, this small variation makes it all the more powerful.

But if I could find more that’s worthy / I surrender it all / All the praise that I could earn / Means nothing without hers / I’m not sure that I deserve all the love that I receive / But I give it all to her.

There’s something about “All the praise the I could earn means nothing without hers,” that hits like a nine-pound hammer to the heart.

When you add these lyrics, the soft instrumental arrangement, and Billy Strings’ vocal delivery to the video, it’s a recipe for tears.

The video shows several relationships as they bloom, blossom, and fade. It features some intense visual storytelling coupled with great cinematography. Honestly, I don’t want to give away too much about the various plots in the video. Knowing exactly what to expect going in might dampen the experience. However, I will say that it’s an emotional rollercoaster. If you’re one to catch a little hay fever when seeing and hearing touching things, grab your tissues. The last few frames will have you telling everyone in earshot that your allergies are acting up.

Renewal hits shelves and streaming platforms on September 24th. You can pre-order your copy right now.