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Bizarre Sounds Heard Under Frozen Lake Ignite Alien Conspiracy Theories

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A Colorado Parks and Wildlife Service employee posted a video to Twitter recently of a strange ‘alien’ noise emanating from below the Steamboat Springs lake. And the Internet immediately had some thoughts…

Alien Conspiracy Theorist Analyzes Mysterious Video

The video was shared by UFO Sightings Daily, as reported by The Sun. This garnered the attention of conspiracy theorists as many described the sounds as alien-like. One conspiracy theorist by the name of Scott C. Waring analyzed the video.

Waring says of the video, “White sphere UFOs have been recorded and eyewitnesses by thousand of residents of Colorado over the last few years. The signals point to there being an alien base deep below the lake, which amplifies the sounds below due to it being frozen… it acts as an amplifier. Alien bases are never small. Most are 3-6km deep and cover an area of about 5km and even have their own weather system… with chances of rain. This is 100% proof of an alien base below this lake in Colorado. But… if signals can travel up from the alien base, then it would also work to send signals back down to the base. A loud enough speaker placed in a dugout 1-metre deep ice hole at the centre of the lake would be sufficient to send them a sonic signal.”

However, others say there is a more plausible scientific explanation for the strange “star-wars like” noises. According to NPR, the ice makes this noise naturally as it shifts. Vibrations move through the ice and create high and low sound frequencies, but the high ones move through the ice faster than the low ones. 

Commenters Weigh In

A youtube video of the noise sparked explanations in the comments, showing many viewers are in agreement with this frequency theory. One user comments, “It’s ice breaking….Molecules expanding in a solid state of water. Because the sun is warming up the top layer of ice, and that’s what’s creating the crackling noise… and it does indeed resemble a lasergun sound from Star Wars.”

Other comments read “I’ve heard this sound myself in winters when its ice. It’s got nothing to do with aliens.” and another poked a little fun at the situation, cracking a light-hearted joke. This user wrote, “That’s the sound the McDonald’s ice cream Machine makes to let you know it’s out of order”. One user completely debunked the theory, writing “This sound is the ice layer on the lake.  Used to get ice to make noises by walking, kicking, or tossing rocks onto the ice.  This is not aliens.”

Conspiracy theorist Scott C. Waring frequently reports supposed UFO sightings to his website, ufosightingsdaily. Waring has also reported a recent alleged sighting in Hong Kong last month, as well as a sighting reported by actor Woody Harrelson in Winnipeg, Canada.