‘Blue Bloods’: Maria Baez Is Following Her Gut in Preview of Tonight’s New Episode

There is a new episode of Blue Bloods on Friday night on CBS. It will be a good one and Detective Maria Baez is going to follow her gut.

That’s a good thing when you are part of the New York Police Department. Baez is played by Marisa Ramirez on the police drama and you can find her partnering up with Danny Reagan, played by Donnie Wahlberg.

In advance of the new episode, CBS released a little teaser ahead of the Blue Bloods show. Let’s take a look and see what Baez has going down in it.

She’s right, you know. Danny always trusts his gut and follows that intuition like a bloodhound. Maybe Baez has the same kind of intuition, especially one that connects to a Latina performer.

Ramirez herself has a background in being one, too, in real life. So, having a little bit of her real-life situation find its way into the script is pretty cool. We doubt that it was done intentionally but you never know, right?

Blue Bloods airs on Fridays at 10 p.m. Eastern, 9 p.m. Central. This new episode also has a classic TV star making an appearance. Tony Danza of Taxi and Who’s the Boss? fame finds himself in the middle of an investigation that will be handled by NYPD Commissioner Frank Reagan, played by Tom Selleck.

‘Blue Bloods’ Actress Really Didn’t Know If She Would Be Regular Cast Member

Ramirez and Wahlberg work well off of one another. If you catch them in sense like the one above, there is a rhythm to their interactions. It does make this show that much better.

Back in the day, though, Ramirez didn’t know if she would be a regular cast member on a show. It’s a pretty heady group of actors and actresses to be around. Still, she holds her own and talked about the show in an interview with TV Fanatic.

“I mean, there is definitely a series option,” Ramirez said about Blue Bloods in 2013. “But I’m not going to know anything for awhile, and I really have no idea. I would be completely honored if they asked me to stay as a regular. It’s just such an amazing show to be a part of. And the cast and crew are just awesome.”

Now, she was adamant in the early times of her career on the show about the interaction with Danny. She wanted to remain like a brother-sister relationship. Viewers, Ramirez said, should not expect to see any romantic sparks.

“No flirting,” Ramirez said. “It’s kind of like a brother-sister relationship, for sure…Very respectful, very friendly. But definitely no flirting.”