‘Blue Bloods’ Star Sami Gayle Rises from the Water in Photo with Motivational Message

“Blue Bloods” star Sami Gayle is keeping things upbeat with a new social media post that features a picture of herself ascending from the water alongside a motivational message.

“Whatever « staircase » lays ahead of you this week… Keep climbing. You never know what or where or who is just one step away…,” Gayle posted to Instagram on Monday.

‘Blue Bloods’ Is Back Soon with Season 12 Premiere

The hit CBS series makes its return to television this Friday, Oct. 1 at 10 p.m. ET.

The ensemble drama also stars Tom Selleck, Bridget Moynahan, Donnie Wahlberg, Marisa Ramirez, Will Estes and Vanessa Ray. It follows the adventures of a family with deep roots in New York City law enforcement who are all carrying on the tradition in some form or another. The Season 11 finale was action-packed, and Season 12 looks like it’s going to hit the ground running, too.

In fact, “Blue Bloods” dropped a new trailer last week from Season 12. It hints at a plotline involving street attacks and possible hate crimes. Fans were worried by the absence of Ramirez from the brief clip, which also features another of the famous Reagan family dinner scenes.

Watch the trailer here:

Sami Gayle Took a Break from the Show in Season 10

While she has literally grown up on “Blue Bloods,” Gayle took some time away from the show during Season 10. She disappeared from the screen between Episode 5, when her character took a job offer in San Francisco, and Episode 16. But the show was too rewarding for her to stay away long.

“For those people [cops] to come up to us and say thank you so much for how you represent our families and our personal lives, as well as our professional lives, onscreen, really is probably the most gratifying aspect of our job,” Gayle told CBS New York.

In any event, whether Gayle’s absence was due to her academic commitments at college, her appearance in a Netflix film or something else, by Season 11, she was back. And her fans were glad for it.

Does Nicky Reagan-Boyle return in Season 12 and follow in her mother’s footsteps? Or do the show’s writers have something else in mind for Gayle’s character? Fans will just have to tune in to “Blue Bloods” on Oct. 1 to find out.