‘Blue Bloods’ Star Donnie Wahlberg Sends Moving Message About ‘Unconditional Love’ We All Need to Hear

“Blue Bloods” star and New Kids on the Block frontman Donnie Wahlberg is once again spreading his words of wisdom to fans.

Wahlberg and his band have a pretty steady following on social media, creating a community of people all obsessed with NKOTB. The singer and actor will send out thoughtful messages to these self-named “Blockheads” that remind everyone why they love him so much.

In today’s tweet, the message is about unconditional love. The”Blue Bloods” star has a habit of talking about “eternal love” and “spreading love so love will spread.” But this message took a surprisingly specific route, referencing philosophical and social ideologies about love without conditions.

“Unconditional #LOVE means — love without conditions. When we place conditions on #LOVE, perhaps we should question why we are placing conditions on it, rather than questioning why our supposed unconditional conditions aren’t being met. #SundayMorning #BHLove #loveeternal,”the “Blue Bloods” star wrote.

Like most of his tweets, fans hopped on the comments section to react with their own thoughts and opinions. Surprisingly, Wahlberg stayed on Twitter to respond to fans and start discussions with them.

‘Blue Bloods’ Star Donnie Wahlberg Starts Deep Conversations With Blockheads About Unconditional Love

One fan opened up with an “agree but disagree” comment. “I enjoy the fact that you’re back sharing your #WOW (words of wisdom). I’d agree with this. I do however think there is a caveat. There is a part when you need to draw a line in relationships – when it compromises your integrity. No?”

The “Blue Bloods” star seriously considered the fan’s take and responded with, “Two different topics. Agreements are agreements. Promises are promises. Vows are vows. Respect is respect. And … love is love. You can end a relationship and still love unconditionally. Only the relationship has conditions.”

Another Blockhead replied, “It’s so hard when you love unconditionally and others question your love. It’s been a hard pill to swallow knowing that unconditional love isn’t always reciprocated. This tweet really made me think about a lot of things. Thank you!”

Wahlberg hit back with, “If it’s unconditional love, it doesn’t need to be reciprocated. As for people questioning your love — they’re only questioning themselves (perhaps a lack of self love) and projecting it on you. Hoping you will give them what they are missing. Hang in there.”

One Twitter user put out there, “Unconditional love is a extremely rare & beautiful thing! If we’re lucky enough to have that in our lives we should be very #Thankful!”

“Anyone can have it — inside us and we can give it and share it and live by it every day. It’s when we expect it back that we unwittingly make love conditional. Be the love that we seek,” the “Blue Bloods” star said.

A lot of his responses focused on that thread of thought: most unconditional love should come from ourselves, FOR ourselves. Keep an eye on Wahlberg’s tweets for more wisdom and words of inspiration for your Sunday mornings in the future.