‘Blue Bloods’: Why Tom Selleck Says He ‘Doesn’t Have to Walk on Egg Shells’ for the Series

Let’s not fool ourselves here — Blue Bloods actor Tom Selleck has been around the block a time or two.

Nowadays, you probably know Selleck as one of the stars of the CBS police drama, Blue Bloods. Selleck has starred on the show since 2010 where he plays the New York City Police Commissioner Frank Reagan. Fans of Blue Bloods and Tom Selleck can rejoice: the fan-favorite series was recently renewed for its 12th season in 2021-2022.

However, Tom Selleck was around the film and television industry long before he ever set foot on the set of Blue Bloods. In fact, his breakout role came while he was playing private investigator Thomas Magnum in the television series, Magnum, P.I. That show aired from 1980 until 1988.

Of course, Selleck has also starred in as many as 50 other film and television roles since his time on Magnum, P.I. Some of those include Three Men and a Baby, Three Men and a Little Lady, Quigley Down Under, Mr. Baseball, and Lassiter. Fans may also recognize him as Dr. Richard Burke from the TV show Friends. He played Monica’s love interest in the recurring role. He also made appearances in shows like The Rockford Files, Las Vegas, and The Sacketts.

Safe to say that the 76-year-old actor is a veteran in the industry. After all, that is a lot of combined experience. So, we can easily assume that Selleck knows what the makeup of a good cast and crew look like. He believes that having chemistry with your co-stars and enjoying their company goes a long way in making a successful show. But Selleck explains that not all shows are like Blue Bloods in that way.

Selleck explained as much in a BUILD Series interview back in 2017.

“Shows aren’t always that way,” Selleck admitted. “You work on a lot of shows where you can kind of have to walk on eggshells.”

‘Blue Bloods’ Star Appreciates Good Chemistry on Set

No one wants to have that kind of negative and tense environment to work in. But on one hand, it did make Blue Bloods star Tom Selleck appreciate his current cast and crew even more.

“On ‘Blue Bloods’ and on ‘Magnum’, we have got a bunch of people who have said that to themselves and come to work with a happy face on,” he added. “So, it’s a joy.”

Meanwhile, Selleck says that having to walk on eggshells on other sets has led to him striving to create a different environment on his own shows. As one of the industry’s most successful actors and film producers, it’s safe to say that his approach works wonders.

“Hopefully you say to yourself, ‘boy, if I ever get my own show I’m not going to make it like that.’”

Tom Selleck just seems like the kind of guy you’d want to work for.