Bubba Wallace, 23XI Racing Unveil Five Major Sponsors Ahead of Debut NASCAR Season

Bubba Wallace officially has sponsors. In October, 23XI released the team colors for the Toyota Camry that Wallace is driving. Now, a few months later, the team and Bubba Wallace have sponsors for the car.

In particular, the team says that there are five primary sponsors on board for the 2021 Cup Series season. Wallace is racing for Michael Jordan and Denny Hamlin this coming season.

The five sponsors are Columbia Sportswear, DoorDash, Dr. Pepper, McDonald’s, and Root Insurance. This is awesome news for Wallace as his main sponsor dropped him after Wallace “rage quit” the NASCAR e-sports racing in November.

However, McDonald’s began sponsoring Wallace in late February of 2019 and will continue to do so for the upcoming season. Columbia and DoorDash began sponsoring him during the 2020 season. Additionally, the two sponsors committed to sponsoring the NASCAR driver for this coming year as well. Then, in late October, Root Insurance joined Wallace and 23XI Racing after the driver’s “unapologetic” marketing campaign.

Wallace’s New Sponsor

Dr. Pepper chose to join the racing team on December 14. In a press release by the Coca-Cola owned soda company, Dr. Pepper says they’re excited to join the team.

“We’re thrilled to be a founding sponsor of 23XI Racing and part of a team making a difference on and off the track. Keurig Dr Pepper knows that bringing the best together creates a winning formula. We’ve done that in all aspects of our business, and we’re doing it here with 23XI Racing.”

Dr. Pepper joins Wallace and 23XI because of the working relationship that Coca-Cola and Wallace had in years past. However, the driver is heading out on a different route this season.

“Coca-Cola has done a lot for me. But going into this year, we saw an opportunity come in front of us that we couldn’t turn away from.”

While the star driver for 23XI moves to Dr. Pepper, Hamlin will continue to work with Coca-Cola. He will do so while driving for Gibson Racing.

Most importantly is the breakdown of the sponsorships and where each one will be placed on the car. According to “Sports Business Journal,” DoorDash gets the primary paint scheme for the majority of the races as they are the largest contributor.

Root Insurance also makes its first trip into NASCAR with this sponsorship.

With these sponsors, all set, Wallace and 23XI Racing are fully funded for the 2021 season. Even though he is the only driver for 23XI, the expectations are high. Now, NASCAR fans wait eagerly to see how the driver will perform this season.

[H/T Pop Culture]