Bubba Wallace stands triumphantly on the track.

NASCAR: Bubba Wallace Throws Shade at Ryan Blaney Leading Up to Race at Bristol

Ahead of the upcoming Bristol Manor Speedway race, Bubba Wallace is poking a little fun at Ryan Blaney. Wallace fired off some hilarious remarks toward his friend Ryan, putting his outspoken personality on display once more.

Wallace headed to Twitter to reply to a tweet regarding comments Blaney had made about the upcoming race in the past.

“It’s our season. … I caution those in front of me — I’m not going to be behind them very long if we’re faster than them,” Blaney said previously.

For those who were unfamiliar with the pair’s friendship, this initially seemed like some serious shade at Blaney. A closer look revealed Wallace was actually trying his best to eat Michael McDowell. Previously, Wallace performed in the All-Star Race in Bristol. He succumbed to a wreck about 17 laps into the race. After Wallace was eliminated, he called McDowell a “joke.”

Twitter users have thoroughly enjoyed the banter ahead of the race, especially since Wallace doesn’t back down. They praise his sassy personality.

Other Twitter users were ready to jump into the arena, so to speak, to defend Blaney. Many of them took the joke as a personal attack when it wasn’t. Therefore, Bubba Wallace was subjected to a bit of silliness thanks to his remark.

But for fans looking forward to seeing how Blaney performs in the race, this is a bit of good-natured ribbing.

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