Bubba Wallace booed at a race.

Bubba Wallace Tweets About Attendees Booing Him at Bristol Night Race

When Bubba Wallace received some particularly loud booing at the Bass Pro Shops NRA Bristol Night Race, it was a bit jarring. But Wallace didn’t let it get to him. He laughed it off on social media.

The star had received thousands of boos when he took the track, but despite the negativity, Wallace was unaffected. He reacted to a tweet by NASCAR reporter Chris Knight’s comments that he “wasn’t expecting” all the boos with a few laughing emoji and a remark of his own.

“Lol not expecting it?!! Where you been? I’m battling with KB for the top spot in that category,” he joked.” Jokes on them tho…thanks @beatsbydre. Couldn’t hear a thing.”

Wallace has been a divisive figure in the NASCAR community. He’s not shy on sharing his political views nor his position in the social justice arena. His reactions have gotten several comments on social media. Many agree with his views, while others prefer he would leave politics out of his races.

Bubba Wallace still has about seven additional races to compete in this season with Richard Petty Motorsports. Following his tenure with the team, he’ll transfer to a new organization for the 2021 NASCAR Cup Season. He’ll likely bring his outspoken brand of politics and good-natured attitude with him as soon as he sets sail for a different team. His fans (and maybe even his detractors) will probably still be watching.

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