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Budweiser Announces ‘A Beer on Bud’ Free Beer Giveaway

Photo by Alex Tai/SOPA Images/LightRocket via Getty Images

Looking for some free beer? Aren’t we all. Fortunately, Budweiser has announced a new giveaway that might solve that problem.

Whether Budweiser is your preferred brewmaker of choice or not, it’s hard not to turn down the idea of getting a freebie. And Budweiser knows what they’re going for, especially after seeing Coors Light do a similar giveaway in March.

The brand announced the giveaway on April 15 with a tweet and also a video, seen below.

The tweet reads:

“Welcome back, Buds. Get a round on us when you show you’ve been vaccinated at http://ABeerOnBud.com,” it says.

The video features a puppy and some of the iconic Budweiser Clydesdales running. To hammer home the feeling and nostalgia, the video is set to “Don’t Stop Me Now” by Queen.

How to Participate in Budweiser’s Giveaway

If it wasn’t clear, the free beer all depends on if you’ve gotten yourself vaccinated against COVID-19. Here’s how it works:

Per the brand’s mycooler.com site, interested folks need to send a selfie from their vaccination site, a picture of their “I got vaccinated” sticker or a picture of the bandage. You must upload that to ABeeronBud.com before May 16.

Of course, you must also be 21 to participate. The only other hangup is for folks in California, Texas and Alabama. Unfortunately, y’all are not eligible for the beer.

If you meet all those requirements, Budweiser will “buy” you a beer.

That’s what the brand doesn’t exactly explain in the tweet or video. You’re not receiving a voucher or being shipped a beer. Instead, Budweiser will gift you a $5 virtual debit card.

Not a bad deal all things considered, but that virtual $5 might be hard to spend in-person on a beer. Ostensibly, if you’re getting vaccinated and want $5, Budweiser will give it to you. That being said, they are only giving out 10,000 debit cards.

Bud Skips the Super Bowl

It goes without saying that the majority of 2020 and beginning of 2021 has been a brutal time for everyone. We’re still trying to get back to normal, plus the impact of COVID-19 has affected more than just people’s health.

This is, in part, why Budweiser and several other brands didn’t advertise at Super Bowl LV. Instead, the beer maker is donating to “vaccine awareness” and attempting to do good. Further, Super Bowl LV was the first time since 1983 that the company didn’t advertise during the big game.

It’s the true mark of what the past year or so has been like, while also being a sign of brands trying to get more involved.