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Camping Boom Might Be Coming Following Coronavirus Restrictions, Report Says

(photo credit: Laura Pluth)

Many Americans are heading outdoors for summer vacation. Due to the coronavirus pandemic, camping is providing a way for people to still enjoy vacation time while practicing social distancing.

Heading into the summer, sales of camping, RV, and road trip essential items are experiencing a significant boom. According to the NPD group’s “2020 North American Camping Report,” the industry is seeing double and triple digit growth.

In the two weeks ending May 2, a number of camping basic items saw drastic sales increases. Tents are up 30 percent. Hammocks are up 103 percent. Campfire equipment is up 42 percent. Grills are up 74 percent. One of the hottest items in recent weeks are bike trailers and joggers, being up 133 percent.

Why Americans are Camping During the Coronavirus?

Matt Powell, NPD sports industry advisor, explained why more American families may be heading outdoors this summer. “Cabin fever has set in big time, as the lockdown and work-from-home lifestyle continues to be followed by much of the nation. Families are looking for a safe escape to save their summer vacation. As a result, there’s an uptick in consumers gearing up for outdoor activities and road trips, whether local or more long distance,” Powell said.

Another incentive for people to travel is lower gas prices. To date, the average price per gallon has declined 30 cents, the NPD’s Motor Fuels Index reports. Additionally, sales of accessories for motorized camping vehicles such as RV’s are experiencing an uptick.

Camp toiletries are up 24 percent. Portable/roadside air tanks are up 46 percent. Utensil are up 36 percent. In fact, 39 percent of consumers plan to use their RV and camping equipment in 2020, according to the “2020 THOR North American RV Consumer Survey Report.”

Fortunately for campers across the country, more national parks and campgrounds are opening in the near future.

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