Candace Cameron Bure Perfectly Captions New Pic Showing Her Rocking Throwback Style Outfit

If there’s one thing that Candace Cameron Bure is good at, it’s putting wit, beauty and humor in a single package.

That’s exactly what she did in a recent Instagram post. She’s a bit of an Instagram aficionado, best evidenced by her 5.9 million followers on the platform.

In her latest photo, she takes on a retro style that is reminiscent of eras before her days as D.J. Tanner on Full House. In fact, the outfit, hair and makeup combo makes one think of the 1950s.

To compliment her wayward stare in the picture, she captions the post:

“When your friend is telling you about their boyfriend drama, but all you can think about is the pint of double fudge peanut butter ice cream waiting for you at home.”

To be honest, who can’t relate to that? “Double fudge peanut butter ice cream” is a bit specific, but those moments where you remember a delicious treat at home are as enthralling as any other thought.

Candace Cameron Bure

Besides being a well-known actress for her time on Full House, Fuller House and as the iconic Aurora Teagarden in a series of Hallmark, she has many other passions.

One is her passion of faith. Bure is a Christian and looks to share in her faith with her followers on Instagram. One recent post, that can be viewed here, featured a Bible verse and a message to those following.

“For the spirit of heaviness, put on the garment of praise,” the post reads. That verse is Isaiah 61:3.

The post continues:

“This is how I fight my battles. This. Is. How. It may look like I’m surrounded but I’m surrounded by you, Lord God.”

Close to 39,000 people have liked the post, and there are plenty of fans who reached out to thank or comment on the post.