Cargo Ship Fire: Damages to Luxury Vehicles May Exceed Estimated $335M

After a nasty fire onboard a cargo ship broke out, officials are now trying to determine just how much damage has occurred.

The fire in question happened on the Felicity Ace cargo ship. It was carrying a fleet of luxury vehicles like Porsches, Audis, Lamborghinis, and Volkswagens. At the time of the fire, a crew was eventually able to board the ship once the fire had subsided. The ship was traveling from Emden, Germany to Davisville, Rhode Island. It set fires close to the Azores Islands in Portugal. The entire crew of 22 people made it off the ship safe and without injury.

Assessing the Damage from Felicity Ace Cargo Ship

These individuals then started to tow this ship to a safe location in order to assess the damage. Well, according to Reuters, we’re looking at about 4,000 vehicles facing potential damages. They now think that the earlier estimate of $355 million is not high enough to represent all the damages.

A big part of this is because crews had a hard time accessing the ship. Between the surrounding rough seas and an extremely stubborn fire, it was unsafe to get to the ship earlier. Also, several of the cars are electric, which the batteries made it harder to extinguish the fire. Whatever the price of the damages ends up being the vehicles are covered by insurance.

Automotive News received the news that we should expect far more damage.

“We fear that the fire on the ship has damaged a large number of the nearly 4,000 Group-brand vehicles to such an extent that they can no longer be delivered to customers. More detailed information is not yet available. Brands and dealers have already begun informing their customers and finding individual solutions,” the Volkswagen Group of America wrote to Automotive News.

Bad News for Car Buyers?

The cargo ship had the most Audis — about half the total number of cars onboard. The next highest number of cars that were onboard goes to Porsche.

It’s perhaps one of the worst times for thousands of cars to accidentally set on fire. We are dealing with a shortage of both used and new cars. This shortage is causing some of the manufacturer’s suggested retail prices of vehicles to get ignored and increased at some dealerships.

This cargo ship apparently had a few Aventador cars. This high-end vehicle is no longer under production. Therefore, these damages could mean exceptionally bad news to whoever the car was coming home to. Lamborghini may also have to start up production again seeing as cars in the delivery process face major damages.

Some customers have already been contacted in order to sort out some individual solutions for what happens next.