Carrie Underwood Says Country Music Legend Once ‘Smacked My Rear’ at Grand Ole Opry

Carrie Underwood had some interesting gossip about one of her strangest backstage experiences at the Grand Ole Opry.

In a recent People interview, she recalled speaking to country legend Vince Gill during an event.

“I was talking to Vince Gill,” she said, “and somebody walked by me and smacked my rear.”

It was a scandalous start to a story to be sure. But the story’s twist was more unexpected than the start.

“It definitely caught me off guard for a second,” she said. “And then I turned around, and that was my first time meeting Ms. Loretta Lynn!”

Underwood didn’t elaborate on why the superstar singer had given her a cheeky slap. But she was clearly enthused about meeting the country singer. She did remember the moment fondly, however.

She called her first time at the Opry “magical,” which occurred right after she appeared on American Idol.

“I was backstage, and there were so many people I was meeting and taking pictures with. I just felt like everyone was excited I was there, which was great, because I was excited that I was there!”

Carrie Underwood has been an official, full-fledged member of the Grand Ole Opry since 2008. She also recently released a Christmas CD called My Gift.

[H/T: Taste of Country]