Charlie Daniels Band Vows to Keep Late Singer’s ‘Legacy Alive’ on Social Media

After Charlie Daniels passed away earlier this year, his band vowed to keep the singer’s legacy alive on social media. Since Daniels passed away, his team has continued to post on his Twitter and Instagram accounts.

Daniels died on July 7 from a hemorrhagic stroke. The singer was 83-years-old. Over his decades long career, Daniels produced many songs but “The Devil Went Down to Georgia” is perhaps his most iconic.

On Twitter, the band shares Charlie Daniels’ political views.

Under the slogan “Keeping Charlie’s legacy alive,” Team CDB continue to share Daniels’ political views on Twitter. According to 1010 Wins, Daniels left behind a “controversial” legacy when he died. Daniels opposed same-sex marriage and supported Confederate statues and imagery.

On Twitter, his team posted his views supporting police with “pray for the blue” and also urging followers to “remember 9/11”. Additionally, the social media accounts posts various passages from the Bible. On the Twitter account, the team also shared Daniel’s views against abortion and raised awareness about suicide and mental illness among military veterans.

The posts have received a variety of reactions, but many followers said they “missed Daniels.”

On Instagram, the band shares quotes from Charlie Daniels.

On Instagram, the band shares quotes from Daniels himself. Many of the quotes are set against a scenic landscape such as a forest or meadow. The posts also include tranquil music as one of Daniels’ quotes fades into focus. Many are taken from Daniels’ book Let’s All Make The Day Count for instance.

One quote reads, “Having the courage to begin is admirable, but it’s finishing which is the most demanding and rewarding. Let’s all make the day count.”

And another says, “Admitting you don’t know something is not a sign of ignorance, but a sign of humility and the only way you really learn.”

In addition to quotes, the team will also post bible verses as well as throwback photos to various moments over Daniels career.