Charlie Daniels’ Son Reveals ‘RIP Charlie Daniels’ Message on Recent USPS Package

Charlie Daniels leaves behind a legacy almost as long as his career. The tributes are still pouring in for the late country singer, and sometimes they come from the most unexpected of places.

Daniels’ son Charlie Jr. recently shared a USPS package that bared a small tribute to the late great fiddle player. Someone scribbled across the package’s label “RIP Charlie Daniels.”

Daniels Jr. shared the image on Twitter and the owners he believed responsible for the message. He wrote, “An acquaintance of ours who lives in Mt. Juliet ordered something from the @Chubby_Chipmunk in Deadwood, SD. Dad played Deadwood many times and the store owners must have made the connection.”

Apparently one of Daniels’ associates had a sweet tooth or a hankering for some candy. Chip Tautkus, a confectionery located in Deadwood, South Dakota, sent out the package. Daniels played Deadwood several times and was scheduled to make an appearance with the Marshall Tucker Band in September before his death. He probably felt at home among the relics of the Old West. During its heyday, Deadwood attracted Wyatt Earp, Calamity Jane, and Wild Bill Hickok.

Charlie Daniels Jr. Keeps His Father’s Legacy Alive

It has been a difficult year for Daniels Jr. and the rest of the family. Daniels died at 83 in July following a hemorrhagic stroke. Though Daniels was growing older, his son admitted he thought he was invincible in some aspects. Daniels Jr. imagined celebrating his father’s 90th birthday together.

This past October Daniels Jr. celebrated his father’s birthday for the first time without him there. On Nov. 26, the family held their first Thanksgiving without Daniels at the table. And come Christmas, there won’t be any gifts with Daniels’ name under the tree. Daniels Jr. opened up about the “Sadiversaries,” the moments every family faces when they lose someone they love.

Daniels Jr. also faces the task of keeping his father’s legacy alive. Since Daniels has been gone, his son has made sure he hasn’t been forgotten. Through social media, he continues to share his father’s thoughts, throwback pictures of performances, and memories they shared over the years.

Daniels will also live on through his music in the decades to come.