Chevrolet’s New Christmas Commercial Is Guaranteed to Leave You Misty-Eyed

The holidays see a boatload of festive family traditions. Although, television also has a way of celebrating this special time of year. Oftentimes, popular brands will put together meaningful Christmas commercials of their own. And this year, Chevrolet’s will surely leave you misty-eyed. Check out the short below.

Chevrolet’s newest Christmas commercial acts as a narrative rather than a promotion. That said, it puts a heavy emphasis on compassion and family.

Chevrolet Takes Outsiders on an Emotional Trip

The holiday commercial begins on a downtrodden note. The opening scene captures an old farmer emerging from his house. Accompanied by his dog, he heads to the barn, a bright green wreath in hand. He takes down an old, brown, and weathered wreath from the wooden door, replacing it with the latest edition. As he enters the barn, we see a sad scene. He places the old wreath on top of a pile of several others, dust emitting from the latest wreath’s settling.

The farmer then slides into an old vehicle, a drop-top Chevy Impala. In its rundown shape, the farmer runs his fingers through a thick coating of dust. He then picks up a small portrait of a beautiful young woman, who we assume must be his wife.

As the old man’s daughter arrives at his house, we notice her tearful gaze as she ponders her father’s situation.

Like in all small, close-knit towns, the man’s daughter approaches a group of family friends. In doing so, she provides the latest update on her dad and his grief over her mother. The rest captures the heartwarming moments the crew spends together, fixing up the old car. Next Christmas, the father opens the barn door to a bright surprise. The door already boasts a brand new wreath and inside, we see the bright blue Impala proudly waiting for him.

Together, he, his daughter, and their sheepdog load into the vehicle, the taillights featuring center frame at the end. “Happy Holidays,” pronounces the commercial’s final scene, as Chevrolet leaves us in a growing puddle of tears.

‘Chicago Fire’ Fans Unearth Festive Christmas Commercial

Chevrolet always has a way of making the holidays meaningful. Meanwhile, “Chicago Fire” fans recently unearthed a festive and cheery Firehouse 51 commercial and it has all us Outsiders missing Casey as the Truck 81 captain features prominently in the scene.

While Chevrolet took this year to celebrate family, “Chicago Fire” took a moment to celebrate friendship and cheer. Putting an emphasis on the Google Home, Casey finds Severide in the lounge, tuned into to an episode of “The Voice.”

“Hey Severide, I think it’s time we broke out the holiday decorations,” Casey says, always on a mission to accomplishment.

“Way ahead of you Captain,” Severide grins, “Hey Google, turn on the reindeer.”

Cut to the next scene of the commercial and we see one of the trucks brightly light up as strings upon strings of lights adorn the emergency vehicle, the glowing reindeer proudly standing atop the fire truck.

After two years spent enduring the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic, it’s such a pleasant feeling for Outsiders everywhere to see such important holiday values reflecting in this year’s Christmas commercials.