‘Chicago Fire’ Star Jesse Spencer Almost Pursued a Different Career: Here’s Why

People love watching Jesse Spencer on Chicago Fire. But did you know that he almost chose a different career path from acting?

Yes, that’s true and it would have sent some viewers into a tizzy. Let’s get some more information about this from an article by One Chicago Center.

Spencer almost became a doctor. See, according to TV Overmind, the actor actually comes from a family of doctors. It would not have been much of a stretch in connection with his family to do that.

‘Chicago Fire’ Star Chose A Different Path Than One His Family Took

But acting became the bigger dream. It would eventually lead him to the role of Matthew Casey on Chicago Fire. 

Spencer has appeared in more than 200 episodes across this show belonging to the One Chicago franchise. His time as Casey has become one of his most iconic roles.

As an actor, there have been other roles in the career of Jesse Spencer. What are these roles we’re speaking of right now? Here is one for the books. He appeared in the 2001 film Winning London along with Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen.

Other Roles For Spencer Included Film With Olsen Twins

Spencer starred as Lord James Browning Jr. in this movie Fansided reminded us that Spencer, boasting quite the babyface at the time, played the role of Mary-Kate’s character, Chloe Lawrence.

Yes, Winning London is not going to be in the same discussion as Chicago Fire. Still, it does go among the roles that have been part of the beloved actor’s career.

Winning London was a children’s movie. Spencer also starred in an Australian soap opera titled Neighbors. American TV viewers happened to see him for the first time on the Fox medical drama House, M.D.

Sure, Matt is not on the show these days. Could he return? Anything is possible. Fans have reason to hope for it. On a recent episode of Chicago Fire, fan-favorite Kelly Severide did officially propose to Stella Kidd. After 10 seasons playing each other’s best friend, it would make sense for Casey to return to be Severide’s best man.

If you have been wondering, the show is currently on hiatus. That is due to the Winter Olympics from Beijing being on NBC. Fans do wonder if the show will ever return. Fear not. Steven Kern, head of scheduling for NBC, is confirming that Chicago Fire is coming back with many more episodes.

He tells Variety that Season 10 will have a total of 22 episodes. So far, 12 episodes have already aired. Episode 13, entitled Fire Cop, is set to show on February 23. Be sure to check your TV schedules in your area.