‘Chicago Med’: How Showrunners Approached Natalie’s Departure But Also Progress Story in Season 7 Premiere

As the seasons change, things go away to make room for something new. This is true for nature as well as Chicago Med. In the show’s season seven opener, fans saw Dr. Natalie Manning depart the show. At the same time, we saw new characters arrive and familiar faces rise in prominence. While it is hard to say goodbye to such an integral character, the story must move forward.

Behind the scenes, Torrey DiVitto didn’t renew her contract with the show. However, in the One Chicago universe, Dr. Manning made a risky call that landed her in hot water with Med brass. No matter how you look at it, Chicago Med lost a big part of its cast. However, showrunners have a solid plan to keep the show moving forward. They’ve filled the void when other prominent characters departed and they hope to do so again.

Recently, Chicago Med showrunners Andrew Schneider and Diane Frolov spoke to TVLine about how they plan to move forward after Dr. Manning’s departure.

Chicago Med Moves Forward

TVLine wanted to know what goals showrunners had going into Chicago Med’s seventh season. More specifically, they wanted to know how the Med team planned to wrap up the loose ends from season six and move forward with the story.

Andrew Schneider said that they had a good idea of what needed to be done going into the Chicago Med season seven opener. “We had a number of things we needed to accomplish. One is we wanted to bring Will back, so we had to find a way to that was logical and emotional.” It seems that “logical and emotional,” are the watchwords of the series. The blend is at the very heart of the show.

Diane Frolov said that they knew they had to do more than tie up loose ends. They had to keep things moving. Piggybacking off of Schneider’s statement, she said, “And move the story forward. And also, we wanted to see new sides to our characters or new relationships, knowing that would be Will and Goodwin, to change that up.”

About Natalie Manning’s final moments in Chicago Med’s ED, Schneider said, “We also wanted to give closure to [Will’s] long-running relationship with Natalie. That relationship was so integral to the show for six years, and we felt we owed it to the audience and the characters to give them a goodbye.”

The showrunners said that fans will see familiar characters mend fences. Fans will see some healing and growth between Will and Crockett in future episodes. Additionally, they plan to establish Dr. Dean Archer as a series regular. To that end, he will continue as Chief of the ED. At the same time, he’ll continue his often adversarial relationship with Dr. Charles.

Plus, Chicago Med introduced new characters to fill the slots left by Natalie and April’s departures.

Chicago Med’s cast has changed with the new season, but the major departures left room for new characters and stronger relationships.