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Chicago Mom Flies to Poland Border to Help Ukraine Refugees

(Photo by Stringer/Anadolu Agency via Getty Images)

Since Russia launched its attack on Ukraine, many Americans have felt a duty to respond to the situation. While retired veterans have headed to Europe to aid Ukraine’s military and resistance forces, others feel compelled to help other ways. Immediately following the invasion, one Chicago mom flew to Ukraine along the Poland border to help in the refugee crisis.

At a Glance:

  • The United Nations states nearly two and a half million refugees have fled Ukraine since the Russian invasion began.
  • Chicago mother “could not stay at home” after learning of the first Russian bombings last month.
  • Ukrainian volunteer shares images of the scene at the Poland border, detailing refugees’ experience.

Chicago Mom Takes Action Following Invasion of Ukraine

Americans are pretty quick to aid their crisis-stricken brothers and sisters. However, since Russia launched its attack on Ukraine, we’ve quickly learned that empathy and dedication have global reach. As millions flee Ukraine, one Chicago woman, Yulia Skuibida, flew to Europe to aid in the refugee crisis.

According to Fox News, Skuibida boasts Ukrainian heritage and grew up in Kyiv before moving to Chicago 17 years ago. She’s also fluent in the language. So when she learned of the Russian invasion last month, she immediately boarded a plane to Poland. Once there, she began to help in resource collection and distribution.

“I could not stay at home,” she shared with the outlet. “When I saw there was bombing in Kyiv, I was just devastated.”

The Chicago mom has managed to collect food and resources for refugees fleeing Ukraine. Support for her cause comes from both contributors in Chicago as well as from countries across Europe. She’s not only supplied refugees with essentials to aid in their transition to Poland and neighboring countries. She’s also sent necessary items like boots and sleeping bags to Ukraine’s worst-struck cities in support of the nation’s military.

Skuibida’s main concern after arriving in Poland was to supply refugees with food. In speaking with the outlet, she said, “I knew there were lines of people standing in the cold for 15 hours.”

Amid her volunteer efforts, she shared images of the scene at the Poland border, where items from food up to strollers and cribs populated the nation’s border area.

Skuibida Expresses Pride in Her Ukrainian Heritage and People

In detailing her reaction to the war in Ukraine, the Chicago mom said, “I wanted…to go here to try and meet [the refugees] and greet them, try to help them because I speak Ukrainian.”

She shared with the news outlet that she herself has a one-year-old child at home and she couldn’t imagine the struggles many Ukrainian parents, especially Ukrainian moms, are facing as they’ve had to leave the men of their family behind in the battle-stricken nation.

“You look in their eyes, and they lost everything,” Skuibida said.

Nevertheless, amid a massive crisis, miserable weather conditions, and long waits at the Poland border, the Chicago mom shared things had begun to move more efficiently.

“It’s a tough situation,” she shared, “but Ukraine is not going to give up…I am very proud to be Ukrainian right now.”