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Chicken Nugget Shaped Like Video Game Character Selling for Nearly $100K on eBay

Photo by Roberto Machado Noa/LightRocket via Getty Images

It’s not unusual when a collector’s vintage baseball card sells on eBay for $100K. However, it’s not very often you see a chicken nugget getting bid on for nearly the same dollar amount.

Yes, that’s right. A McDonald’s McNugget has been attracting buyers on eBay. Specifically, the chicken nugget resembles a character from the popular video game “Among Us.”

Since it was listed on May 28, the online auction has quickly reached almost $100,000. WGN-9 News wrote, the seller, also known as Polizna on the site, had started the opening bid for the “Among Us” McNugget at a mere 99 cents.

The meal includes a 10-piece Chicken McNuggets, fries, two dipping sauces, and a Coke, although none of the meal’s other components are included with the lot. The McNugget’s condition is also listed as used.

Also, before shipping the McNugget via USPS, the seller plans to freeze and air-seal it for the potential winning buyer. Polizna states, “This food product has an average expiration of 14 days and will [be] delivered prior to expiration.”

The “Among Us” official Twitter account made a comment, a few days ago, on the hot eBay item when bidding had exceeded $34,000.

“There’s a $34,443.43 among us chicken nugget on sale and I don’t know how to feel about it??? but also?? I want it,” said in their tweet.

Now on eBay, there seem to be many imposters trying to sell the “Among Us”-shaped chicken nugget. Though, none of the online auctions are even close to Polizna’s highest bid.

Five of the Strangest Things Sold on eBay

Believe it or not. There have been weirder things listed on eBay, other than a chicken nugget. Here are five wacky things that have sold on eBay from Work and Money:

1. Fake lint from Steph Curry’s hair.

Drake, the multi-millionaire rapper, picked a silver lint out of Curry’s hair, then jokingly posted it on Instagram. He said he was going to sell it on eBay. Although he never actually did, a seller managed to 180 bids up to $99,900.

2. Ghost in a jar.

Inside were two glass jars and a journal, but the seller broke one! And a “black mist or something seeped out.” The seller explained it as a malevolent black spirit that occasionally appears when the jar is near. It sold for $50,992.

3. The meaning of life.

“I have discovered the reason for our existence and will be happy to share this information with the highest bidder,” wrote the seller. The item went up for one cent (a missed opportunity to list it for $42), and the winning bid was only $3.26.

4. Guinea pig battle armor.

This armor sold for $24,3000, on eBay in 2013, and all proceeds went to benefit the Metropolitan Guinea Pig Rescue in the Virginia and Washington D.C. area.

5. Britney Spears’ chewing gum.

“Of course, it could have been genuine, but there is no way of knowing,” according to CBS. There were over two dozen of these auctions on eBay, most selling for $5 to $100. One of the sticky items reached $14,000, but that was only because the price was inflated by a user.