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Chris Stapleton’s New ‘Starting Over’ Album Has Country Music Fans Going Nuts

(Photo Credit: Jason Kempin/ACMA2019 / Contributor/ Getty Images)

Chris Stapleton has blessed the world of country music with his new album, “Starting Over,” which he released on November 12th. 

Stapleton teased the album back in August, making excited fans wait over three months for its release. As of Thursday, the country music star announced, “‘Starting Over’ is out now.” for his nearly 309,000 fans on Twitter. He made the statement accompanied with a photo of a note in a typewriter font about what the album means to him and hopefully to those that listen. 

“In my life when I’ve needed strength, love, peace, joy, friendship, focus, courage, understanding, hope, or healing I’ve found those things in music. As you listen, I pray you find some of those things here. May we all look to the best of who we’ve been & the promise of who we can be. Here’s to starting over.” 

He signed his autograph at the bottom of the image, which is just his initials, “CS”.

Fans Reaction to Chris Stapleton’s New Album

Many fans have taken a liking to the album, expressing what the songs mean to them. Fellow artist, Sheryl Crow, describes her day and how Stapleton has made it. 

“Overcast Saturday fall morning… folding laundry, dancing, crying, jamming out to new @ChrisStapleton record. Man, good music fixes a world of worry.”

Country music fans are calling ‘Starting Over’ the best of Stapleton’s four albums, and they can’t get enough. Twitter is erupting with positive vibes from the 42-year-old Kentucky native. 

Album Design

The album cover features a white background with the words “Title:” and “By:” typed out in the same typewriter font. In the open lines in all capitalized lettering, it says, “STARTING OVER” followed by, “CHRIS STAPLETON”. It is a simple, minimalistic design, but we are here for it.

Fun Facts about Chris Stapleton and the Album

In addition, here are more interesting facts about the album and Stapleton.

The lead single on the album, “Starting Over,” features background vocals from Stapleton’s wife, Morgane.

In August, when Stapleton teased the upcoming track, he first wiped all his social media accounts. On August 24th, he posted a strange video that featured a lot of fire as well as other random videos. It’s a trip, for sure.

Since Stapleton’s last album in 2018, “Millionaire,” he has been working with artists like Pink, John Mayer, and Justin Timberlake.