Cleveland Browns Fans Brawl in Stands, Ignore COVID-19 Regulations on Thursday Night Football

Cleveland Browns fans weren’t worrying about Covid-19. On Thursday night, a brawl broke out in the stands of the stadium.

The Browns were playing the Cincinnati Bengals at FirstEnergy Stadium in Cleveland when a group of fans started fighting, TMZ reported:

Meanwhile, security quickly went to work trying to break up the fight. All the combatants wore masks, but that may have been little help given the choreography of the brawl. 

There were stricter than usual terms for attendance at the game. Just 6,000 fans were admitted to the stadium to see the game in person. Social distancing policies applied once they got in – many seats had zip ties to block their use. And every fan supposedly had to sign a “health promise” swearing that they would not attend the game if they were sick.

The promise also included a pledge that they would wear masks the entire time unless eating or drinking, the Cincinnati Enquirer reported.

Tickets to the game reportedly went to Browns season ticket holders with highest seniority. They sold out right away, according to the Enquirer.

NFL games have not been without pandemic-related problems. This week, the Kansas City Health Department revealed that a fan at the season opener at Arrowhead Stadium tested positive for coronavirus. Roughly 10 people were quarantined in the wake of the news. 

Luckily for the Browns, the brawl did not seem to take away from their performance on the field. The Browns won the game, 35 to 30.