Cody Jinks Drops Much Anticipated ‘Red Rocks Live’ Album

Do you remember when fans could still safely gather at large shows and venues to enjoy their favorite musicians? The concert experiences which rocked before COVID struck?

Cody Jinks is taking us back to those good ole’ times. Although the concert is virtually streaming, the energy of Cody combined with the excitement of the crowd brings joy, and a bit of hope, to those reminiscing on better times in the music industry.

Cody Jinks Releases ‘Red Rocks Live’ Album

Jinks has finally released his long-awaited album, Red Rocks Live, resulting in an outstanding performance at an outstanding venue.

Thursday night Cody Jinks officially released the news. The album is out and currently available on all streaming sites. Fans are both watching the videos and listening to the record of the live concert held at the famous Red Rocks Amphitheater, which he calls a “bucket list venue for anybody that does this for a living.”

Pre-COVID Crowd Contentment in Colorado

Without missing a beat, Cody takes to the stage, and begins performing “Must Be the Whiskey”. The guitar comes out crisp, with the twang of the country sound mixed with southern rock. He hits that first line without hesitation.

No I’m not goin’ crazy, but lately my head and my heart/ Seem to be at least a million miles apart.”

The crowd hollers out the chorus, with voices erupting throughout the natural stone amphitheater, joining Cody’s line “must be the whiskey!”

The album was recorded at Colorado’s Red Rocks Amphitheater in July 2019. Ever since Jinks has been updating fans on its release. Upon announcing the album would officially drop on Dec. 5, he addressed his fans, stating:

“Covid Sucks. Miss you,” he wrote and added that he misses the road, stage, and everything. “Miss it all. We’ll be doing it again,” he said confidently.

Jinks is right. COVID does suck, but this snippet of a concert is bringing some encouragement for music lovers.

A touching moment took place when Cody’s own Mamma Jinks joined him on stage to perform a duet of “Mamma Song.” The setlist also includes “David,” “I’m Not the Devil,” and “Somewhere Between I Love You and I’m Leavin.’”