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Cole Hauser Movies To Watch While Waiting to See Rip Wheeler in ‘Yellowstone’ Season 4

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Craving more Cole Hauser before his return as Rip Wheeler in Yellowstone Season 4? We’ve got the perfect films to tide you over ’til then.

Yellowstone fans need no introduction to Cole Hauser. The star plays Rip Wheeler, television’s best anti-hero and fiercely loyal rancher. Wheeler is, however, far from Hauser’s first big role. He’s been on the big and small screens for years. And you’ve seen him in at least a dozen films and television shows. You just don’t know it! In fact, his IMDB credits go decades back to 1992.

Born Cole Kenneth Hauser, the now prominent actor was born into a Hollywood Family in 1975. His grandfather, Harry Warner, founded Warner Bros. studios. His father was also an actor, and his mother owned a production company. Hauser even eventually married another actor himself when he wed Cynthia Daniel.

Now that Yellowstone has permanently cemented Cole Hauser as a rugged Hollywood star, he’s making hordes of new fans on a daily basis. If you happen to be one of those Hauserlings – and why else would you be here – you’re going to love this list. Below, we’ve compiled a list of Hauser’s best work in film to tide you over until the man himself returns for the next season of Yellowstone.

Let’s dive in!

Cole Hauser & Bruce Willis in:


Believe it or not, Bruce Willis and Cole Hauser have done a lot of films together. A Good Day to Die Hard, Tears of the Sunand Hart’s War are just to name a few more. In ACTS OF VIOLENCE, Hauser is Deklan MacGregor. His brother’s fiancée gets abducted by a trafficking ring. Willis plays the officer investigating the group who kidnapped MacGregor’s brother’s fiance (stay with us). Together, they set out to take down some scumbags – and action ensues.


Tears of the Sun is a 2003 American action thriller film depicting a U.S. Navy SEAL team rescue mission amidst the civil war in Nigeria. Lieutenant A.K. Waters (Bruce Willis) commands the team sent to rescue U.S. citizen Dr. Lena Fiore Kendricks (Monica Bellucci) before the approaching rebels reach her jungle hospital.”

Within, Hauser plays fellow soldier James ‘Red’ Atkins. For fans of Hauser & Willis, this one’s a thrill.

Cole Hauser & Vin Diesel in:


Most have seen at least one or two of the Fast and the Furious films But do you remember Hauser playing Argentinian drug lord Carter Verone? That’s right, Rip Wheeler himself is the main villain for the second entry in one of the biggest franchises of all time. Hauser takes on Vin Diesel, Paul Walker, and the entire gang. And it’s priceless to see now.

Cole Hauser & Matthew McConaughey in:


Moving back to Hauser’s beginnings, however, lands us at Dazed and Confused. Perhaps the most infamous of Hauser’s films, he appears alongside Matthew McConaughey and Ben Affleck. Parker Posey and Joey Lauren Adams also star alongside. Hauser is right at home in this Texas coming-of-age classic, as well.

You will notice with this list, though, that Hauser has little starring compared to supporting roles. Perhaps this is why it has taken such an accomplished actor as he this long to become a household face & name.

Cole Hauser & Brendan Fraser in:



When starting out, Cole Hauser was a teen drama star, as well. One of these dramas was School Ties. Within, he plays Jack Connors, a prep school student and athlete. Starring is a young Brendan Fraser, along with future/frequent costars Matt Damon & Ben Affleck.

The plot revolves around the prejudice these private Catholic students hold against Brendan Fraser’s character’s Jewish heritage.


According to WideOpenCountry.com, “Tyler Perry’s The Family That Preys is the film from Cole Hauser you didn’t know you needed to see.”

Within, Hauser plays Kathy Bates son. She is a socialite and kind soul. The apple, however, fell far from the tree. Hauser is up to no good here, in a story surrounding his wealthy family “and the working-class family of his mother’s best friend, played by Alfre Woodard.”


Hauser did eventually, though, begin headlining his own films. One such action adventure that Yellowstone fans should love, is Paparazzi.

Here, Hauser plays Hollywood actor Bo Laramie. Laramie’s family gets continually harassed by paparazzi, and Bo has to convince the police of the heinous things these photographers are doing to him and his family. It may sound drab in text, but Hauser kills it and keeps the stakes high. This is one you have to watch if you’re a Cole Hauser fan.



Another film that so many have seen Hauser in is the first of the Chronicles of Riddick movies: PITCH BLACK. In the Sci-Fi epic, he plays Officer William J. Johns, who is escorting Vin Diesel’s Riddick to another planet on a prison ship. The ship, of course, gets attacked and crash lands – where the officers must team up with Riddick to take down alien monsters.



This last suggestion, however, is not for the faint of heart. THE CAVE is a recent starring role for Hauser. Within, he plays a cave explorer Jack McAllister. Hauser’s character is brought on by a team of scientists to help with cave exploration in Romania. And as you can imagine, s**t hits the fan real fast in these caves.

Hauser clearly loves the work he does, regardless of his roles. He brings this same passion and grit to Yellowstone. We still know precious little about S4, though. So far, only rumors persist – with one garnering quite a bit of traction and clues. If this rumor pans out, too – then Rip Wheeler himself may end up with a teenage son.

We’ll know for sure once Yellowstone‘s next season hits in 2021. Before then, parent studio Paramount is expected to announce an official release date and trailer. Keep your eyes peeled for it here on Outsider.com.

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