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Coors Releases New Hard Seltzer With a Mission To Protect, Help American Wildlife

(Photo Credit: Justin Sullivan / Staff/ Getty Images)

Only drink if the mountains are blue… Coors has jumped on the bandwagon to create a hard seltzer with a mission to taste good and do good.

According to Frank Beer Distributors, the hard seltzer will “stand for something bigger than itself and give consumers an easy way to give back to the environment.”

The brand is partnering with “Change the Course” nonprofit. Their mission is to protect and clean American rivers that provide clean water to wildlife as well as millions of people.

With a purchase of a 12-pack of Coors Seltzer, Molson Coors will restore 500 gallons of clean water to America’s waterways. They will make this possible by donating $1 per case to Change the Course and their river initiative. The company projects to restore one billion gallons of river water after just one year of sales.

Coors Consumers

According to research done by the beer company, 91 percent of consumers are more willing to switch to a brand that supports a good cause if the opportunity arises.

In particular, Generation Z is at the newest drinking age and is looking for bands that are going to make a positive impact. Nearly 85 percent of Gen Z-ers are expecting businesses to have a positive societal or environmental impact.

This way, they can have a good time and feel good about the purchase they made—the perfect double whammy.

Coors Seltzer will come in four flavors. These flavors include popular ones like Black Cherry, Mango, Lemon Lime, and Grapefruit. Each can will have an alcohol percentage of 4.5, 90 calories and two grams of carbs.

Change the Course

According to Change the Course’s website, the World Economic Forum has declared the water crises to be a top 5 global threat to society since 2015.

“Water issues across North America remain a top concern for the public and businesses alike. How we use, manage, and value freshwater will dictate the future of our communities. Fortunately, together we can change the course.”

Like you needed another reason to grab that extra pack. Get drinking; it’s for a good cause!