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Country Singer Travis Tritt Posts Aggressive Twitter Rant Against ‘#Resisters’

(Photo by Gary Miller/Getty Images)

Travis Tritt, singer of “It’s A Great Day To Be Alive,” is attacking “resisters” via Twitter. A now-viral tweet posted by the country artist shows a doctored headshot to illustrate “dishonesty of the left.” The two photos comparatively show added makeup that Tritt believes was circulated “in an attempt to humiliate” him.

While many mock the singer’s claims, many also added support for the attacked artist. As a matter of fact, the Twitter team of late country singer Charlie Daniels added their remarks on a similar event. They recall that Charlie also had a doctored image circulate the internet.

Though this post is gaining much attention, this doctored image tweet is not near the first of Tritt’s recent political remarks. On Saturday, the singer suggested followers being unfollowing and blocking #resist accounts. He references actor James Woods, saying he also suggests the practice.

Since Saturday, Tritt has continued his attack on what he calls “resisters.” He added another tweet referencing unfollowing the accounts to increase their irrelevance. He also targeted them, saying they hate being ignored.

The tweets have all been retweeted and “liked” thousands of times, with replies of both support and dislike continuing to flood the comments.