Country Throwback: George Strait Beams Watching Taylor Swift Perform at Tribute Concert in 2009

Surely country music icon George Strait wished Taylor Swift a happy 31st birthday today. Given their past, it’s pretty clear there is a lot of mutual respect between Swift and Strait.

In fact, the two shared a sweet intimate moment back in 2009. During the televised “George Strait: ACM Artist of the Year All Star Concert,” many different artists performed to honor George Strait.

He is a heavily awarded, popular country artist. Most notably he has won the CMA Award for Entertainer of the Year three different years. He is the “King of Country” for a good reason. He has also been performing his traditional, cowboy-style music since the ’80s.

Before her performance of his song “Run,” Swift shared a sweet message about one of her first and favorite memories with the country icon.

“When I was 16-years-old I went out on my very first tour as the opening act for George Strait. I had never been on a big stage before or sung in an arena, so I asked if he had any advice on performing …” Swift said.

She proceeded to get a chuckle out of Strait and the crowd as she explained his advice that was very George Strait in nature.

“He said ‘Yes I do,’ I sensed I needed to ask a follow-up question. So I said ‘How do you do that?’ and he said ‘Just do it for about 25 years and it will feel real natural.”

Taylor Swift Honors George Strait

Then she began to sing her tribute song to him. Most recently, he sang the same song with Miranda Lambert at the 54th ACM awards this year.

Swift sang the slow song with her smooth, soft, early country-sounding voice. The chorus of the song matched some of her pop-country influence.

Strait smiles like a prideful dad in the stands.

In 2013, Taylor Swift won the CMA Pinnacle Award. This is an award that recognizes someone with a distinct impact on the country music world. It has only been given out once before to Garth Brooks. Geroge Strait was one of the many artists on stage when the award was given to her.

“George Strait taught me to play the songs your fans want to hear. Brad Paisley, who I toured with for nine months … I sat on a speaker by the side of the stage and watched him every single night and he was funny, and I’ll never be that funny,” Swift said according to a Taste of Country article.

It is clear that Swift has a lot of respect for her mentor. The feeling appears to be very mutual.