Country Throwback: Tim McGraw ‘Loved This Performance’ of ‘Diamond Rings and Old Barstools’ from 2015

It may seem like yesterday. But it’s already been five years since Tim McGraw performed “Diamond Rings and Old Barstools” at the iHeart Live. The country singer and his iconic cowboy hat wowed audiences back then.

It’s a performance that McGraw personally loves and looks back fondly on even now. Recently, the country singer shared a clip from the concert while reminiscing. On Twitter, he wrote, “Loved this performance we did a few years back with @iHeartRadio!!”

McGraw certainly knows how to bring the house down with a performance that shows why McGraw is still the best at what he does all these years later. The singer got the crowd wooing and clapping by the end.

Tim McGraw Recorded the Song with His Cousin

Why does Tim McGraw love the performance so much? Maybe he just loves “Diamond Rings and Old Barstools” that much. McGraw discussed why he thinks the song is a country classic.

“It’s a classic great country song. When you come across those kind of songs, and I’ve had a few of them throughout my career, like ‘Better Than I Used to Be,’” McGraw said, according to Song Facts. “Songs kind of allow you to dig in, and they have a little bit of country nostalgia, but also a modern edge. When I run across a song like that, I can’t wait to get into the studio and record it.”

While McGraw was alone on stage for the performance, he recorded the song with his first cousin Catherine Dunn. McGraw greatly appreciated his cousin performing on the song.

“I knew I wanted her to sing on it; her voice would fit perfectly,” McGraw said. “She went in and in 10 minutes, knocked it out.”

The song became the fourth single on McGraw’s 14th studio album “Sundown Heaven Town.” Upon debut, the song made it to No. 11 on Billboard’s Hot Country Songs chart.