Dallas Cowboys’ Mike Nolan Pauses Press Conference After Rubbing Tabasco in Eye

Dallas Cowboys Defensive Coordinator Mike Nolan was feeling the burn at his Monday press conference call.

According to TMZ Sports, Nolan had to pause the press conference for several minutes after accidently rubbing Tabasco Sauce in his eye.

Nolan was only a few minutes into the press conference when the incident occurred. He was speaking to reporters about one of his defensive players when he went to rub his eye with his left hand.

Nolan evidently had just eaten something that calls for a little kick of heat. He immediately realizes his mistake as a grim expression comes across his face and he momentarily pauses the presser.

“Excuse me, I have something in my eye,” he tells the gathered reporters. “I just had some tabasco on my finger and it went in my eye. That’s terrible. I’m sorry.”

Nolan then uses his protective face mask as a napkin in an attempt to ease the tabasco sauce eye irritation. He then laughs at the situation before telling the reporters that he needs a second. The 61-year-old coach was able to return to the press conference moments later.

“My eye feels a lot better,” he tells reporters of the situation. “But it was burning.”

Mike Nolan, Dallas Cowboys Defensive Struggles

Nolan is leading a historically poor Dallas Cowboys defense, so perhaps tabasco sauce in the eye is a metaphor for the season as he is definitely feeling the heat. Nolan’s Cowboy defense has given up 243 points already this season.

They are on pace to give up 555 points this season, according to ESPN. The defense is allowing an average of nearly 35 points per game through seven games this season. The Cowboys are in third place in the dreadful NFC East with two wins and five losses. They are set to face the first-place Philadelphia Eagles this weekend.