Danica Patrick Jokes About Zoom Call Attire: ‘You Never Know What Is Below’

If there’s one phrase that’s synonymous with 2020, it would have to be “Zoom call.” Since the spring, the novel coronavirus has kept people working from home, ultimately utilizing video call platforms, such as Zoom as a means of communication. Danica Patrick can relate.

One hilarious factor about Zoom calls is wondering what the person on the other side of the screen is wearing. If you’re brave enough to have your camera on, viewers can only see the top half of your body, leaving the other half for mystery— something the retired Nascar driver hinted on her Instagram.

In her post, she’s looking bashful as she grins at the camera. For her top-half, she’s rocking wavy blonde hair and a black turtleneck paired with a gold statement necklace. She looks like she’s trading racecar driver for CEO. For her bottom-half, it seems she’s keeping that a secret. 

She captioned the photo, writing, “Two things in this house that are a certainty……1. Ella is always on alert. 2. You never know what is below the “business on the top” when it comes to working via zoom. Cheers to 2020!”

You can also see one of her pups, Ella, on high alert as she peers out the window. Ella’s stature and attention make us think she’s very protective of her mom. 

Danica Patrick Remains Busy After ‘Retirement’

Even though Patrick officially retired from racing in 2018, she’s kept herself busy with multiple business ventures. In 2019, she launched a weekly podcast called Pretty Intense, wherein she discusses success and spirituality with her guests. She’s recorded 69 episodes with various guests, such as Dale Earnhardt Jr. and holistic psychologist Dr. Nicole Lapera. 

Additionally, Patrick also owns a wine brand called Somnium. On the negative side, she’s actively recovering from a disastrous fire that destroyed her vineyard this past Sept. in St. Helena, California. The 38-year-old also created her athleisure collection, called “Warrior by Danica Patrick.” 

It looks like more zoom meetings are to come for Patrick in 2021.