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‘Dead’ Woman Wakes Up At Detroit Funeral Home

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Some nightmares do come true. A 20 year old Detroit woman was declared dead on Sunday and transported to a local funeral home. However, the ‘dead’ woman amazingly revived just as she was about to be embalmed, her lawyer said Monday.

“They would have begun draining her blood to be very, very frank about it,” Geoffrey Fieger told Detroit station WXYZ-TV.

The Southfield Michigan fire department and paramedics worked on the woman for 30 minutes before declaring her dead, the department said.

The attending doctor “pronounced the patient deceased based upon medical information provided” , the department said. But an hour later at the James H. Cole funeral home in Detroit the staff made an unusual discovery.

“Our staff confirmed she was breathing,” the funeral home said to an AP reporter.

Internal Investigation Launched After ‘Dead’ Woman Lives

The funeral home called the paramedics back to the scene who transported the woman to a local hospital.

“They were about to embalm her, which is most frightening, had she not had her eyes open. … The funeral home unzipping the body bag — literally — that’s what happened, and seeing her alive with her eyes open,” the woman’s attorney Mr. Fieger said to a local tv crew.

The woman was in critical condition Monday night, said Brian Taylor, spokesman for Detroit Medical Center.

“My heart is so heavy. Someone pronounced my child dead, and she’s not even dead,” the woman’s mother, Erica Lattimore, told another local station WDIV-TV.

Southfield authorities are conducting an internal investigation.