Dolly Parton Calls Reba McEntire a ‘True Musician, a True Friend’ in Birthday Post

Reba McEntire is a country music legend. She has a stack of awards and records pressed in various precious metals. On top of that Reba has dozens of hit singles and records. It seems like there’s nothing that the Oklahoma native can’t do. If you needed any more proof of her status as a legend, just look at the people who are wishing her a happy birthday today. For instance, Dolly Parton shouted Reba out on Twitter earlier today.

Not only that, Dolly Parton called Reba a true musician and a true friend in the birthday post. The post also includes a photo of the award-winning Hall of Famers embracing and smiling.

If you look closely at the photo that Dolly Parton posted, you’ll see another really cool detail. There is a hand-written message on the picture. The message reads, “Doll, You’ll always be my hero. Love ya, Reba.”

This circle of respect that the two legendary ladies of country music share might be the most wholesome ting on the internet.

Dolly Parton and Reba McEntire Go Way Back

Like many country music artists and fans alike, Reba looks up to Dolly Parton. As noted in the photo above, Dolly is her hero. However, it goes deeper than that. The pair of country music icons have been friends for over forty years.

They first met at the Grand Ole Opry, according to The Tennessean. Reba was playing her Opry debut in 1977. She was slated to do two songs. However, just before she went on, Dolly Parton showed up. They told her that they were going to take one of her songs so that Dolly could perform. That was fine with Reba, she just wanted to meet her country music hero. They have been friends since then.

At the same time, Dolly Parton paved the way for Reba McEntire and countless other women in country music. Dolly was one of the first women to break out in a genre that was, and still is, dominated by men. She didn’t just achieve success. She did so while bringing stories of women to the forefront of country music. Songs like “Just Because I’m a Woman,” and “Dumb Blonde,” are great examples of this.

Dolly Parton also wrote about what she lived. Songs like “Coat of Many Colors,” give listeners a look at Dolly’s upbringing. This authenticity, and the success it brought her, has been an inspiration for generations of artists.

Likewise, Reba followed in Dolly Parton’s footsteps and inspired a whole new era of women in country music. Duos don’t get much more iconic than Dolly and Reba.