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Dolly Parton Has a Bold Response to People Who Tell Her to Retire

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“Retire? And do what? What does that even mean?” Whether it’s 2019, 2021, or a decade into the future, Dolly Parton has no plans to “quit” anytime soon.

CBS Sunday Morning knows it, Outsider knows it, and so do the billions of Dolly Parton fans across the world: The “Queen of Country Glamor” is a national treasure. We’ve been singing along to her songs for over five decades now. And at three-quarters of a century-old herself, this “poor girl from the Great Smoky Mountains” doesn’t plan on slowing down. Ever.

“Even with a half century of music behind her,” CBS raves, “the glitzy, big-haired, Queen of Country Glamor is still at it 24/7…. Still writing her legacy one song at a time.”

Outsiders wouldn’t have it any other way. And neither would Dolly Parton herself.

“That’s my therapy! My old guitar’s my friend,” says the County Queen of her songwriting legacy. “When I’m in that zone – I call it my ‘God Zone’ – I just love that time.”

This zone has allowed the remarkable singer/songwriter to craft “thousands of songs” and sell over 100 million records. Even after all this, as CBS’s Sunday Morning says for this 2019 interview “please, don’t even mention the ‘R word’ to this 73-year-old.”

Parton, now 75, still holds her same views on the “R word” today, too. Retirement, that is.

Dolly Parton: “I Could Never Do That!”

“Yeah… People always say that. ‘Why don’t you retire?” Dolly rolls off. “And do what? What does that even mean?” the famous workaholic adds with a shake of her endlessly gifted head.

“Sit on your pile of money and awards?” CBS’ Tony Dokoupil smirks. C’mon, Tony. Do you know to whom you speak? Shame on you.

“I could never do that!” Dolly smiles, looking as glamorous as ever. “I always count my blessings more than I count my money. I don’t work for money, never did,” she adds with a change in tone. “It was the art. It was the job! I love the work. And I’ve done well! And I’m thankful for it.”

We’re just as – if not more – thankful, Dolly.

For far more from the national treasure that is and always will be Dolly Parton, check out CBS Sunday Morning‘s full interview below:


We’ve been singing along for decades with Dolly Parton, the poor girl from the Great Smoky Mountains who became the glitzy queen of country glamour. She’s still at it 24/7, still writing her legacy one song at a time, without a thought for the “R” word. Tony Dokoupil talked with the entertainer in this profile originally broadcast on February 10, 2019.

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