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Donald Trump Debuts Gray Hair at Press Conference, Social Media Has Meltdown

(Photo by Tasos Katopodis/Getty Images)

Surprisingly, Donald Trump unveiled a new look at a press conference recently. Even though Trump didn’t do anything too radical like shave his head or come out in a t-shirt and sweatpants, it does appear he changed up his hair color.

Consequently, one media site, in particular, the Daily Mail, took note of his new hair color. On Friday, Nov. 13, the new hair color debuted for the first time.

When President Trump begins to give a press conference, it is usual to see him with pristine orange-blonde hair, as well as the perfectly manicured tan. However, this press conference saw the President with distinctly gray/white hair. Something he had yet to unveil to the public, that is, until now.

Twitter users immediately took notice of the change, pointing out reasons for the suspected change in hair color. The Twitter trolls got on it once again.

Trump Gets Jumped On Twitter

Although Trump spoke about a number of important topics, namely a vaccine for Covid-19, this all took a backseat to Twitter users.

This Twitter user notes that in just 9 days, Trump’s hair has gone from blonde to gray. Certainly, it is a stark contrast and one people are not going to forget quickly.

Another users pokes fun at it with the help of the Windows colorwheel.

With a bold, hot take, this person says that, “for your reference, I have sampled his hair color: it’s gray.”

Nearly all of the comments from Twitter users mocked the change.

Another user prompted a more radical question. This one in particular may be the most consequential take on the new hair color.

It is important to note that Trump did not mention the subject of his hair color during the press conference. And all said and done, maybe the change will do him well. Only time will tell on the matter.

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