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Donald Trump Signs Executive Order: Will You Get a Stimulus Check?

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With the economy still trying to recover in the midst of the coronavirus pandemic, many Americans wonder if they will receive a second stimulus check. Most recently, President Donald Trump signed an executive order, but another round of checks was not part of the package.

The president’s executive order covers four main areas in terms of financial relief. Firstly, the order enhances unemployment benefits. Secondly, he placed a moratorium on evictions. Thirdly, the order offers student loan relief. Lastly, the President’s order targets a payroll tax.

One thing notably missing from the executive order: second stimulus checks. While it was not part of the executive order, President Donald Trump supports another round of payments. At the end of July, the President indicated that the second stimulus checks may be more than $1,200.

“I’d like to see it be very high because I love the people,” President Trump said during a recent interview with Your Basin. “I want the people to get it, you know. The economy is going to come back. We just had tremendous job numbers as you know it was just announced. We had great retail sales numbers, so this is all coming back.”

The President hopes to see the economy rebound back to pre-coronavirus pandemic heights. “We had the greatest economy we’ve ever had and we had to close it up because you know we had to do it,” he said.

“We saved millions of lives by doing that, but now we’re bringing it back and now it’s going to come back,” he said. President Trump concluded by saying, “We gotta take care of the people in the meantime.”

Donald Trump Signs Executive Order, But Will You Get a Check?

President Trump may hope to take matters into his own hands, but it’s unlikely that he will act on stimulus checks. The laws of separation of powers prevent President Trump from issuing a second round of payments via executive order. Typically, Congress controls federal spending on such measures as stimulus payments.

Even though Congress has not passed a bill, it doesn’t mean that Americans won’t get a second stimulus payment. Many on both sides of the political aisle in D.C. support a second check. However, some lawmakers disagree on a plan for more payments.

The Republicans hope to pass the Heals Act, a $1 trillion stimulus package. However, Democrats want a package of at least $2 trillion, Forbes reports. Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer (D-NY) and Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) both openly voiced their support of a larger stimulus package than the Heals Act offers.

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