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Donald Trump Jr. Encourages Hunters, Outdoorsmen to Vote for His Father

Donald Kravitz/WireImage

Donald Trump Jr. is urging outdoorsmen to vote for his father this year. The avid hunter released a new video touting the accomplishments of the Trump administration in advancing hunters’ and outdoorsmens’ interests.

Trump Jr. promoted the video, along with a new link, huntthevote.org, on his Twitter account. “Typically outdoorsmen are left behind & ignored by DC Politicians but President Trump hasn’t ignored or forgotten you,” he tweeted.

An anonymous source told The Hill that the ad is just appearing on social media for now.

In the video, Trump Jr. alludes to multiple Trump administration achievements. For example, 1.4 million new acres of public land made accessible to hunters and fisherman. A $900 million land conservation law, which Trump Jr. describes as “new lands purchased for the same purpose [hunting and fishing].” 

He claims they spent $750 million on the Great Lakes. And he claims the administration has spent almost $1 billion on the Everglades and Lake Okeechobee in Florida.

The Interior Department released a statement in August declaring that the Trump administration has opened up more than 4 million acres of public lands to hunting and fishing, according to The Hill.

Conservationists have objected to some of the Trump administration’s moves on this front. They have decried efforts to roll back environmental regulations and revive the uranium industry in Utah. And they have opposed a new Forest Service rule that would remove hurdles for oil and gas projects on public lands. They have also criticized a coronavirus relief effort that gave breaks to energy companies on oil and gas extracted from public lands. 

Meanwhile, the Trump administration can point to the passage of the Great American Outdoors Act. The law garnered praise as the most significant conservation bill in a generation.