Donald Trump ordered to pay stormy daniels $44,000

Donald Trump To Pay Stormy Daniels $44k

President Donald Trump has been legally ordered to pay Stormy Daniels $44,000.

The Order

A California Superior Court judge made the order on Monday (August 17) but it wasn’t publicly known until Friday (August 21). Stephanie Clifford’s (Stormy Daniels) attorney posted the big news online.

On August 21, Clifford posted a tweet in response to a fan, seemingly addressing the legal victory. “The truth always comes out,” she wrote.

In a second tweet, she addressed the matter head on. “Yup. Another win! #teamstormy,” she wrote.

The $44,100 is to reimburse Clifford’s attorney fees that she incurred during her legal battle against the president in 2018.

Judge Robert Broadbelt III also rejected a technicality by Trump’s legal team. The team claimed that he did not sign the NDA, so he was not “liable for her fees.” However, Trump paid his lawyer at the time, Michael Cohen, the $130,000 that he paid Clifford. The exchange of money meant that he was apart of the transaction.

All About Stormy Daniels and Donald Trump

Clifford is an adult film star who claims to have had an affair with Trump from 2006 through 2007.

Cohen had Clifford sign a $130,000 NDA eleven days before his presidential election. The NDA used Trump’s alias, “David Dennison.” Furthermore, Trump has denied ever having an affair with Clifford.

Clifford sued Trump in 2018 to be released from the nondisclosure agreement. She also said that the NDA was invalid since Trump never signed it. Trump’s legal team handled the situation outside of court, to not sue the former porn star.

Finally, the lawsuit was dismissed and overall the NDA was rendered unenforceable.

“The payment to Ms. Clifford was lawful,” Cohen said in a statement. He added that it “was not a campaign contribution or a campaign expenditure by anyone.”

What Stormy Said

In 2018, Clifford gave an exclusive interview to In Touch Weekly regarding the affair. She and her ex-husband and friends who knew of the affair, all passed polygraph tests during the interview.

She revealed that they met during a charity golf tournament in Lake Tahoe. They had dinner together and spoke about getting her on his television show, The Apprentice. Clifford allegedly mentioned his then-wife during conversation but he quickly changed the subject. Later that night they had sex for the first time.


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