‘Duck Dynasty’ Stars Jase and Missy Robertson Welcome a Newborn Into Their Care

Have you ever wondered what it would be like if a newborn baby was left on your front doorstep? Duck Dynasty star Jase Roberson had something similar happen.

Most of you Outsiders probably know who Jase Robertson is by now. He rose to fame starring on the A&E reality show, Duck Dynasty, as did the rest of the Robertson family. Duck Dynasty graced our television screens from when it first premiered back in 2012 up until 2018. Oh, and if you haven’t heard, Jase Robertson also serves as a co-host of the Unashamed podcast with Phil and Al Robertson. It was in the most recent episode of their podcast that Jase talked about his and his wife’s latest adventure. Trust us when we see it’s one you’ll have to hear for yourself to actually believe.

“If you listened to my Unashamed podcast today (episode 435), you heard me and @missyduckwife talk about our newest venture,” Robertson wrote in an Instagram post. “Missy was literally explaining to multiple media outlets about the unconditional love outlined in her new children’s book when she got a call that a newborn had suddenly been left in our care.”

‘Duck Dynasty’ Star Says It’s an Honor to Help Raise Newborn

Could you even imagine getting that call? If you are a Duck Dynasty fan, then you know Jase Robertson’s wife, Missy Robertson, is a dedicated mother to the couple’s four children. She’s also a new grandmother. Despite that, you’d think that getting the news that a newborn baby has been left under your care would be pretty shocking. But Missy Robertson was calm, cool, and collected.

“We felt like this baby fell right out of the sky and Missy was there to catch him,” Jase said. “What an honor to be asked to step in the gap and show this baby and his mother the unconditional love of our Father. This mother chose life and sought help from the people who introduced her to Jesus. Please pray for this baby, his mother and for us during this uncertain time. My wife is a rock star!”

It’s safe to say that Jase and Missy Robertson know a thing or two about raising kids. As a matter of fact, it turns out that not only is Missy a TV star, she’s also an accomplished author. She has published several children’s books including works like Allie’s Bayou Rescue, Running from Reality, Dog Show Disaster, Finding Cabin Six, and the newest one, Because You’re My Family which focuses on the importance of family and unconditional love.

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