‘Duck Dynasty’ Star Sadie Robertson Shows Off 35-Week Baby Bump: ‘We Are Getting So Close’

Sadie Robertson is nearing the final stages of her pregnancy. And day by day, the Duck Dynasty star can’t believe how fast it has gone.

Robertson, as she is one to often do, took to social media on Monday afternoon to share a new photo of her baby bump. She uses her official Instagram page as a way to engage with her fans and followers and she did that once again earlier today.

While she is officially hitting the 35-weeks mark in her pregnancy, Robertson continues to travel with her husband and enjoy herself.

Today’s post marks the second travel pic that Sadie Robertson has uploaded in the last three days. She made a similar post just this past Friday. According to the star herself, she and her husband Christian have at least one more travel trip planned before she goes in to deliver their first baby.

It won’t belong before Korie Robertson has some competition for who our favorite Duck Dynasty mom is.

“35 WEEKS!!! thankful God made our bodies to do the things they can do,” Robertson wrote on Instagram. “It blows my mind that nearly 9 months ago I had a baby the size of a poppy seed and now that little girl is kicking me with her long legs, nestled in my rib cage (😅) and responding to my voice. <3”

Robertson says she is “getting so close” to the day she can officially meet her little girl.

“My gosh it’s the coolest thing getting to truly experience Psalm 139:13 inside of me!!! we are getting soooo close and feeling it!!!

As fans of both Sadie Robertson and Duck Dynasty, we have followed every step of her pregnancy journey. We always look forward to Robertson’s new posts. And it’s obvious that fans agree — her latest post has gotten nearly 150,000 likes since being posted online.

Sadie Robertson Posts Travel Photo on Friday

As mentioned above, Sadie Robertson shared another picture from her travels just a couple of days ago. And in that photo as well she can be seen showing off her adorable baby bump.

“Love carrying you around 🙂 we are on our second to last travel trip with you in me🤍” Robertson captioned her Friday post on Instagram. “Can’t wait for you to see what I’m seeing baby girl 😍”

Once she officially gives birth to their baby girl, her and her husband, Christian Huff, will be able to enjoy their travel trips as a family of three.

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