‘Duck Dynasty’ Star Si Robertson Passes Time at the Airport By What Else But Singing

Waiting in an airport is rarely a fun experience. Even with a book or a mobile phone to entertain you, the hours can slowly drag by. However, this isn’t the case for “Duck Dynasty” star Si Robertson.

The 73-year-old television personality, who is also known as Uncle Si, figured out a great way for him to pass the time while he waited for a flight. And what he did was caught on video by a fellow passenger.

So, what did the “Duck Dynasty” star do for entertainment? He sang, of course! What else would Si Robertson do in such a situation?

Robertson shared two videos of his impromptu airport concert on social media. In the first video, he is laying on the floor with his headphones on. He’s snapping and strumming along to the song without a care in the world. In the second clip, he is leaning against his bag. And, of course, he is still enjoying himself.

According to the caption he shared on Instagram, the “Duck Dynasty” star was happy that he could entertain his fellow passengers. “That’s just me being me! The boys at the airport got a free show from yours truly,” Uncle Si shared.

He also said that he was cool with being captured on camera. “I didn’t know anyone was watching me or recording me. But ask me if I care, Jack!”

You can watch the clips of Uncle Si in action here. The footage of the “Duck Dynasty” star singing in the airport was captured by Instagram user @jeffreyekent. According to his page, Jeffrey Kent is an author and the administrative pastor of Christ Church in West Monroe, Louisiana. He is also married and the father of two children.

‘Duck Dynasty’ Star Uncle Si Robertson Recently Shared the Best Part of the Show for Him

“Duck Dynasty” entertained fans on television from 2012 until 2017. The reality television series brought fame and success to Uncle Si Robertson and the members of his family. It allowed fans to get to know his brother, Phil Robertson, and his wife, Miss Kay Robertson. It also introduced the world to their children, Alan, Jase, Willie, and Jep, and their families.

However, the fame and fortune and all the rest that came from the popularity of “Duck Dynasty” are not the things Uncle Si values the most. Instead, he believes the show changed his life for other reasons. He shared this during a recent recording of the “Duck Call Room” podcast.

“The show ‘Duck Dynasty,’ the thing that was most important from the show that I’ve got is that it strengthened my faith that God, the father, his son Jesus Christ, our Lord and savior, and the holy spirit, are alive and well. And they are doing the most amazing things with the most unlikely people. Yours truly,” Uncle Si explained.