Duck Dynasty’s Si Robertson Speaks Out After Battling COVID-19

“Duck Dynasty” star Si Robertson became the latest in the Robertson clan to battle COVID-19. Now, he’s sharing his experience with his fans.

The elder member of the Robertson family had good news for duck hunting enthusiasts and followers. During a social media post, he revealed that he beat the virus. Given Robertson’s age, the “Duck Dynasty” star was at risk for more severe complications related to COVID-19. But he appears to be on the mend and better.

“I’ll just give you a heads up,” Robertson said during the video. “I kicked COVID-19 in the rear end.”

But Robertson also wanted to warn his followers how dangerous the virus is. He promised he isn’t making light of COVID-19 and revealed some of the symptoms he experienced. After his family convinced him to, Robertson finally went to the hospital, where doctors diagnosed him with the virus. The duck hunter spent some time recovering at home.

“Trust me when I tell you, it’s real, it’s deadly, and hey, you don’t want no part in it,” Robertson said. He said, “[The virus zapped] every ounce of energy I had, played bird and flew away. It played bird and it was gone immediately.”

Si Robertson’s Family Also Had the Virus

Last Fall, several of Si Robertson’s family also contracted the virus. In all, Sadie, Bella, Willie, and Korie developed the virus around the same time. Due to her pregnancy, Sadie was at risk of developing severe symptoms. In fact, she had to be hospitalized at one point due to dehydration.

“Being so weak and so sick and throwing up as much as I was, I got very dehydrated,” Sadie Robertson said. “At this point, when I was dehydrated, my chest pain had gotten really bad. I could barely talk and [my] mom came over and was like, ‘You need to go to the hospital.’”

She went on to describe the virus as a dark disease and discussed the symptoms she felt. Losing energy seems to be a common symptom among those who contract the virus.

“I’m a very healthy person. I exercise a lot, eat pretty good and take care of myself. I honestly thought if I got COVID it would not be that bad. But no, I had it horribly,” Sadie Robertson said. “So don’t think you’re just going to be fine… it is a really tough sickness that you don’t want to get.”

Fortunately, all of the Robertson family has recovered from the COVID-19 virus and appear to be healthy.