Eddie Van Halen’s Son Wolf Snaps at Critic Who He Says ‘Created an Account Just to Troll Me’

Eddie Van Halen’s son Wolf is going off on a critic on social media. The Twitter user responded to Wolf promoting a new song on the platform.

Wolf Van Halen insisted the user created an account just to troll him. In recent weeks, the musician has been increasingly vocal about bullying and online harassment on the site. Van Halen personally responded to the critic’s tweet, calling it “sad.”

On Twitter, the musician wrote, “I’m honored you went through all the effort to create an account JUST to troll me. Hilarious levels of sadness, my friend. Hope you can find a way out of this bitter hole you’ve seemed to dig yourself in.”

Van Halen responded to a tweet that criticized both his weight as well his mother Valerie Bertinelli. Bertinelli was married to Eddie Van Halen until 2007 and is an actress and author as well. She wrote a number of healthy living cookbooks. Van Halen didn’t appreciate the tweet and responded in kind.

The user wrote, “Christ. You’re bigger than ever. I understand your mom (who still treats you like a toddler) has written some diet books, why don’t you read them?”

Wolf Van Halen Criticizes Online Bullying

In recent weeks, Wolf Van Halen has increasingly used his platform to preach against online bullying. The musician came out in support of Chrissy Teigen after she deleted her Twitter account. She ended up deleting her Twitter after online users criticized her for partnering with Kris Jenner on a cleaning product. Teigen said she had faced harassment on the site for years.

Van Halen has also rallied against his own critics on the site as well. He urged anyone who didn’t like his posts to unfollow him. But Van Halen’s tweets have perhaps opened himself up even more to internet trolls.

“Yo it’s so much easier to unfollow me than complaint like this,” Wolf Van Halen wrote in response to a tweet on the platform. “So kindly f–k off if you feel this way, Twitter homies. I’m literally just using the app, and will continue to do so ya cranky f–kers.”

The musician said he refuses to censor himself on the platform. So far, his war against Twitter bullies continues on the platform.