Elon Musk Breaks Silence on ‘Saturday Night Live’ Host Announcement

As odd as it sounds, Elon Musk will be live from New York for his first-ever “Saturday Night Live” guest-host appearance on May 8. On Saturday, he broke his silence about his upcoming appearance on the late-night sketch series after publishing a short tweet. 

“Let’s find out just how live Saturday Night Live really is,” Musk wrote on Twitter alongside a devil emoji. In the replies, fans of the Tesla creator were thrilled. 

Musk’s fans also mentioned his support of Dogecoin, alleged Bitcoin creator Satoshi Nakamoto. In the tweet’s replies, some even drew a picture of the SpaceX leader. Many users wrote that they were hopeful for an “SNL” sketch revolving around the dog-related cryptocurrency. 

For the tech billionaire, he’s no stranger to the world of entertainment. He’s had several other guest appearances as himself on both TV and in films. He’s even portrayed himself in cartoons. Musk voice-acted a parody of himself on the popular animated series “Rick and Morty.” He also had a role in the blockbuster hit Iron Man 2 alongside Robert Downey Jr.  

In addition, the entrepreneur’s “SNL” appearance will come just days after he and his longtime partner, Grimes, celebrate their son’s first birthday on May 4.

Besides booking the hosting gig on a popular late-night show, the SpaceX CEO and founder made headlines after the company successfully saw their astronauts get to the International Space Station on Saturday. He also announced that he intends for SpaceX to take astronauts to the Moon in 2024.

Elon Musk Books ‘SNL’ Despite Recent Contorversy

Despite the success, Musk is under fire for his social media posts. Musk recently became the subject of controversy for his take on the COVID-19 pandemic and his refusal to get a vaccine. 

He faced criticism after allegations surfaced that he profited from South African apartheid via his family. While Musk has contended he did not start his career with any inheritance, many continue to criticize him. 

 Although this will be Musk’s first-ever appearance on “SNL,” his musical guest is no stranger to the show. Miley Cyrus has been on the comedy sketch show nearly half a dozen times as a musical guest, host, or guest star. 

Cyrus’ last appearance on “SNL” was in April 2020 as a surprise musical guest amid the coronavirus pandemic. Cyrus performed Pink Floyd’s standard “Wish You Were Here” alongside producer Andrew Watt on acoustic guitar.