Elon Musk Offered Teen Thousands to Deactivate Twitter Account Tracking His Private Jet

Elon Musk offered a teenage college student $5,000 to deactivate a Twitter account tracking his private jet out of “safety concerns.”

The teen’s response? First, it was $50,000. Then, a Tesla internship. The billionaire’s response: Ghosting.

So, that stalemate has turned into a win for us, as we can track his plane whenever we want.


Elon Tracking Twitter Account Not Unique

Jack Sweeney, a 19-year-old college student, started a host of Twitter jet tracking accounts. He uses publicly available info to follow 15 billionaires, including Bill Gates and Jeff Bezos.

It’s likely the same tech people use to track private jets on days universities try to get new football coaches.

However, Elon Musk seemed to be the only one bothered by it enough to reach out. The account, however, does have 83,000 followers. Is it a stalker’s weapon of choice? Hmm.

If it was “security concerns,” he could probably reach out to the social media giant. Musk probably has a few big guys in his security detail.

Elon Musk seemed bemused at the technical maneuvering, calling air traffic control “primitive.” however, Sweeney’s got the point. Jalopnik even recounted the teenager showing the billionaire how he’s doing his Twitter card trick. It’s just basic information. Process servers probably love Sweeney’s account.


But instead, the billionaire went straight to the source. Musk reached out to the teen. Protocol reports that Musk direct messaged Sweeney and offered him $5,000 to deactivate the account.

“Can you take this down? It is a security risk,” Musk wrote to Sweeney.

After a few traded messages, Sweeney got the cajones to ask for $50,000 in return for the deactivation move. He also inferred that money would be “great support in college and would possibly allow me to get a car, maybe even a Model 3.”

Sure, Musk could have put this to bed with 50 Grover Clevelands, but he decided against it. I guess he didn’t want to negotiate with kid terrorists? Imagine buying or opening up social media accounts to get in front of people who wish to extort billionaires.

Or maybe, Musk didn’t respond because he was vacationing in Hawaii. Sweeney knew that because of the flight tracker.

‘Muskateers’ Not Thrilled With The Tracker

Musk fans/acolytes are called many things. Some have embraced nicknames like “Muskateers.” They follow the billionaire on social media.

One Elon Musk fan told Sweeney, “You got hoodwinked boi.” However, that got an “it’s 100% impossible to fudge ADBS data” response.

Others recalled instances where Musk has acted out over small things like this.

On Wednesday, Sweeney Tweeted that Musk tried to thwart his tracking moves but seemingly failed.


One Twitter fan loyal to Musk said he hoped Sweeney wouldn’t get money from him and asked if he was “proud” of his work.