Everything You Need from Amazon for the Perfect Winter Tool Kit

Winter is coming. For many, it’s already here. Make sure you’re prepared for the onset of freezing, snowy-to-icy weather with all the makings of a perfect winter tool kit.

Chances are, if you live in a snow-laden area, you’ve already got a snow shovel. We’re not here to try and talk you into a different, shinier, snow shovel, either. Instead, we’ve gathered the best items Amazon has to offer for your winter tool kit. Whether you need this tool kit for home & yard use, your vehicle, or for winter outdoors adventuring is up to you. But you’ll find the perfect additions to said winter tool kit right here – all in one place.

Amenitee 18-in-1 Snowflake Multi-Tool

First up is a very winter-appropriate design.

The Amenitee 18-in-1 Snowflake Multi-Tool is as cool as it gets (see what we did there?). While it was originally designed to be a snowboarding multi-tool, it’s proven incredibly versatile on the larger market. Sure, it’s a bit on-the-nose for a winter tool kit, but isn’t that what makes it fabulous?

Price: $15.99


  • 18 Tools: Flathead Screwdriver, #3 and #2 Phillips Screwdriver, 4, 5 and 6mm Allen Wrench, Box Cutter 1/4 in End Wrench 7, 8, 10, 11, 12, 13 and 14mm End Wrench.
  • Pocket Size: weighs only 2.3 ounces and just over 2″ long
  • Special Snowflake-Shaped Design for compact functionality


  • May be too fabulous for some

Rhino USA Folding Survival Shovel w/Pick

At just over $20, this fantastic survival tool is an absolute steal. The U.S. engineered Rhino USA Folding Survival Shovel is foldable, has serrated edges for sawing, and an extendable pick. The pick, in particular, could prove invaluable during winter adventuring or emergency situations.

Price: $20.97


  • 2lbs of Powder Coated Carbon Steel, Tough Pickax & Sharp Rugged Saw Teeth
  • Full 23″ Long Extended but only 9″ x 6″ when Folded into FREE Carry Case
  • Multi functional – shovel, pick, saw
  • 100% satisfaction guarantee refund


  • Reviews say item comes without instructions

EVTIME Emergency Tire Traction Mats 

These EVTIME Emergency Tire Traction Mats are the best way to get your vehicle out of an icy bind. Whether compact snow or sheets of ice are preventing your vehicle from moving, these mats will provide traction to get you unstuck. They’ll work with cars or trucks, etc, of any size, as well.

Price: $29.99 – 39.99 for one, $65.99 for set


  • Can be used as tire chains, snow chains
  • No installation required
  • Suitable for use with all vehicle types
  • Made of High Strength Engineering Rubber and Galvanized Steel Core


  • Pricey $$$ for set
  • Cumbersome to store outside of vehicle

Dual Arc Electric Lighter Zippo Insert

This dual-plasma arc beam lighter is windproof, rain/snow-proof, and cold-proof. As any winter outdoorsman knows – all of these things can thwart a regular lighter. But now you never end up in this situation again. Simply insert this arc lighter into a flip-top lighter case and you’ll always have a fire starter in your winter tool kit.

Price: $14.97


  • Battery Recharges in one hour, lasts over 100 uses
  • Clean, electric alternative to fossil-fuel products


  • Does not fit to all Zippo models
  • Requires Zippo lighter case sold or possessed separately

RoverTac Camper’s Multitool

Finally, most campers struggle to find room for a hatchet, knives, and the like. Let alone in the stifling cold of winter. The RoverTac Campers’ Multitool, however, solve this problem.

In addition to space-saving, they often include tools you didn’t think of, too. One last tool to add to your winter tool kit is RoverTac’s high-rated multitool. You never know when you’ll need any of the tools included – and chances are – you will. Further, their stainless steel design makes for a durable set you’ll have on-hand for years to come.

Price: $23.99


  • 14 total tools, including hammer, axe, pliers, knife blade and saw
  • Also includes assorted hex wrenches
  • Further, offers safety lock


  • A bit bulky, also can be tough to find good hanging spot on pack
  • Smaller than some competing products

OZERO 932°F Heat Resistant Leather Gloves

Winter means keeping warm by the fire, right? The one thing most of us forget fireside, however, is a pair of trustworthy, heat retardant gloves. Good ones, at that.

And it’s hard to beat the classics. Thick leather gloves, like these OZERO 932°F Heat Resistant Leather Gloves, provide high-grade protection against burns while tending any sources of heat. They also allow for handling all the iron & steel components above without burning your hands. If you’re looking to add a Dutch oven or grill grate to your winter tool kit for campfires, be sure to pick up a pair of sturdy gloves, too.

The best part? These will ship straight to you with Prime for less than $19, and will come in handy for dozens of winter scenarios. Amazon will try to sell you on expensive, fancy fire-retardant gloves, but these will go just as far for half the price.

PRICE: $16.68


  • Classic leather good looks
  • Thick & durable
  • ON SALE for $5 w/ FREE SHIPPING!


  • Made for handling, not dexterity

Hopkins SubZero 10″ Bear Claw Ice Scraper

If you’ve made it this far and don’t have an ice scraper – this one’s the way to go. Unless you’re driving a semi or tank, no one really needs one of those giant foam-covered monstrosities. The Hopkins SubZero 10″ Bear Claw Ice Scraper does the job on an SUV, car, or adventuring vehicle perfectly and takes up a fraction of the room in your winter tool kit. Costs a fraction, too!

Price: $5.19


  • Wide 4″ frost clearing blade
  • Flat, compact design for easy storage
  • Durable construction for long lasting performance
  • Ice chippers score thick ice for quick removal
  • 10″ length provides good reach

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